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    Apr 2005
    The first post has now been updated with a new link courtesy of pr0p0sitionJOE

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    lamtwl Guest
    Thank you so much for this!

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    Nembahe Guest
    Thanks for the themes but I am having problems installing them - I create a PS3\THEME directory and rename the files to p3t - it is not working. Pls help

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    codetvirus Guest
    Thanks again!

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    capth4u Guest
    Same... Boy do I feel dumb atm

    I created a PS3\THEME folder on my flash drive... I also tried a PS3\THEMES but neither one is working... I tried with remaning them to .p3t and without and all I get is "Data is corrupt"... What is the files corrupt now? Please help... my daughter is killing me for the Mexican Skulls theme Thank you

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    RoMaN 3mPeror Guest
    hi capth4u i'm a new member here but not new to the scene; i did get these themes to work by putting files on usb flash drive then transferred files with multiman to the internal hdd of ps3; i dont quite remember the directory but its where all your ps3 themes are in ps3 internal hdd. Do not rename files just transfer as they are. I hope this helps.

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    zeniitti Guest
    Thanks, this seems cool.

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    osensama Guest
    awesome, thank you

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