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  1. #41
    InfamousFangz Guest
    have to say i'm impressed

  2. #42
    NBHNC Guest
    joe i am new here and have no clue how to install these please help lol

  3. #43
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Thanks for the themes, dear bro pr0p0sitionJOE.

  4. #44
    danube75019 Guest

  5. #45
    azadin47 Guest
    thanks for the themes

  6. #46
    exbaks Guest
    NBHNC... Format a usb stick to fat 32 then make a folder (all caps) Ps3, inside that folder make another one named THEMES copy your files there then when in your xmb/themes menu go to the topmost where it reds install click it then go to your folder (THEMES) in the usb then install desired theme... hope you grasped it....!!!

    Awesome themes may I suggest if it is possible, to make animated themes and also include cool sound effects... Thanks!!!

  7. #47
    turous Guest
    Thanks for the themes...

  8. #48
    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    I'd say thanks, LOL, but your linksafe link just gives a 403 forbidden from nginx.

  9. #49
    garybrand Guest
    Thanks a lot

  10. #50
    azadin47 Guest
    please reupload links are dead

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