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  1. #21
    Vattu Guest
    which theme do you guys recommend? I'm really fond of the darker, calmer ones.

  2. #22
    DevilBoy Guest

  3. #23
    dead4ngel Guest
    thanks great work joe. keep it up

  4. #24
    soitre Guest
    The AC & Hitman theme are beautiful, thank you.

  5. #25
    sddracula Guest
    Will this work on kmeaw 3.55? Thanks.

  6. #26
    dogggg Guest
    thank you so much for sharing them with us ^^

  7. #27
    eizade Guest
    thanks for everything

  8. #28
    LaoelLeonharth Guest
    Whoa, thanks a lot pr0p0sitionJOE

    Any chance of getting the theme Journey? It's a really cool dynamic theme.

  9. #29
    tophead420 Guest
    Nice! I love dynamic themes. Bought a few before I used cfw on my ps3 and was disappointed a few times when I payed the money for a crappy theme. So thanks for releasing these! I will use them gladly lol

  10. #30
    ogbebox Guest
    Thanks for the theme.

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