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    Senior Member mushy409's Avatar
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    PS3 DVD and Blu-ray Region Change Guide

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    This is just a little quicky for people stressing out over region coding for their bluray and DVDs.

    Fairly simple thing (some/most people may already know)

    1) First you need to downgrade you console to 3.41 using the modified PUP and your prefered downgrader dongle

    2) Choose your region 3.41 firmware...
    a) NTSC/USA Firmware = Region 1 Bluray & DVD playback
    b) NTSC-J/JAP Firmware = Region (?) Bluray & DVD playback (untested ATM but will try later today)
    c) PAL/EU Firmware = Region 2 Bluray & DVD playback

    You get the point really. I found this out by accidently flashing NTSC-U 3.41 onto my pal machine and realised when I tried to play some films and it complained about region lockout.

    Not really rocket science, but usefull for those that don't know. I'll update with more info as I try more firmware

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    Or you could just edit the xRegistory.sys file.

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    Thanks for the guide mushy409 and +Rep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumbie View Post
    Or you could just edit the xRegistory.sys file.
    Mind how you do that? most of my movies are Region 1, I only own 1 Region 2 movie which is where I am from so making it region free would be great.

    Hope that someone makes some software for that and also the green screen protection via scart.

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    In xRegistory.sys file (load up with the registory editor released ages ago) change the region of BD &/or DVD then just send the file back to the ps3 overwriting the original.

    I don't think it can be set to region free, though I am happy to play around with it and post back if it works.

    For now though, change the setting using:

    1 for USA and dependencies
    2 for AU, NZ, Africa etc
    3 for Europe

    You will more then likely also have to reboot after changing the region code for it to take effect. Possible issue could be the drive may have a counter for how many times it can be changed, though I found no evidence of it.

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    Hi gumbie,

    Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Instructions for 3.55 FW

    1- Install geohot 3.55 CFW
    2- Install FTP Server 1.2 for 3.55 CFW
    3- Download /dev_flash2/etc/xRegistry.sys (and create backup copy ^_^)
    4- Edit it with xRegistry.sys Editor or Multi tools
    5- Upload modded version and overwrite original
    6- Reboot PS3 and try it

    ok, confirmed, this only works with DVD no for Bluray Disc.
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    I have a Playstation from USA and live in Brazil. We use the same Bluray region but use DVD region 4. It would be awesome if I could change it. I have a 3.41 PS3 and tried to change the xRegistry.sys file. It didn't work at all. I've changed the '/setting/bddvd/dvdRegionCode' to region 4.

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    It seems in 3.55 for some reason to no longer work for bluray. Using 3.41 and under I had to do it constantly thanks to the Mrs getting me 2 blurays from the USA.

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    Hi zemane2,

    You must change /setting/bddvd/dvdTvSystem to 4 as well.

    This works for you

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    xregistry changing doesn't work. i tried it long ago. feel free to prove me wrong though.

    also the firmwares are all the same. the console is what makes it different.

    perhaps a customised debug mode or changing the region in xregistry (along with the bd region and dvd region) might help.

    but i really cbf trying, plus my laser died


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