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    Brenza Guest

    PS3 DEX 2 CEX: The Easy Way Without Bricking Guide

    Hi, i'm glad to introduce myself to the PS3 scene with this little tutorial! This works for everybody, even for those who didn't set QA Flag before converting to DEX and does not require Factory Service Mode Downgrade so the hdd will not be formatted!!

    Download: MirrorCreator: d2c_for_n00bs.rar (includes all the stuff needed except MultiMAN) / MirrorCreator: d2c_for_n00bs.rar (Mirror) / MirrorCreator: d2c_for_n00bs.rar (Mirror #2)

    Password: Powered by Brenza


    I built a 3.55 DEX CFW with Retail CoreOS this allow you to easily dump the per_console_key_1 (aka eEID Rootkey) by using the flatz's eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg for 3.55 CEX. The CFW also has SS Patches to let you set the Glevand's qa_extra.pkg from DEX

    How to create a valid CEX dump (optional, if needed)

    If you lost your original CEX dump you can create a new one:

    1) Install the "CFW 3.55 DEX With Retail Patched CoreOS" inside the archive
    2) Install and run the homebrew eEID Root Key Dumper.pkg
    3) Copy your key from /dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key to c2d_WithNandSupport folder in the archive
    4) Create a dump of your DEX flash (use MultiMAN, memdump, preloader.. etc)
    5) Copy the dump to c2d_WithNandSupport folder in the archive
    6) Use c2d to create your CEX dump (see c2d readme for help)

    How to Convert from DEX to CEX

    1) Install the "CFW 3.55 DEX With Retail Patched CoreOS" inside the archive
    2) Install the last version of Deank's MultiMAN for CEX (min ver 4.10.00) <--- DEX version won't work
    3) Install also rebook.pkg and qa_flag_extra.pkg
    4) Run MultiMAN and open the filemanager (SELECT+START)
    5) Rename your FLASH-CEX dump properly (if you don't have one read below how to create one)
    • If 16 MB dumo rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NORBIN
    • If 239/256 MB dump rename it in FLASH-CEX.EID0.NANDBIN

    6) "Open" the dump pressing "X" twice and say "yes" to all questions
    7) Close MultiMAN by pressing PS, do NOT power off the PS3 until i say it
    8) Run the homebrew reboot.pkg
    9) Run the homebrew qa_flag_extra.pkg <--- If you don't hear 3 beeps try again or you'll brick
    10) Power off the PS3
    11) Enter in the Recovery Menu and install the original 3.55 CEX <--- Don't install it from XBM or you'll brick!

    Successfully tested on my Slim without qa-flag but it should works on NAND too

    Special thanks to Sguerrini97 who did half of the job. Thanks to Deank, glevand, flatz, euss and all the other guys behind ps3mfw builder! Oh, sorry my bad english!

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    I heard that manual turn of have a high probabily of bricking on many consoles.

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    sinota Guest
    Is there anyone else who can confirm this method working & which step says to manually turn off the PS3 how else is there?

    I'm in the same boat I have the dex.norbin but not the cex cause I didn't convert my ps3 but attempting to convert it back now

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    isn't the most simple method rebug? i mean, it's built in the firmware and they say it's like a 10 second switch.

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    sinota Guest
    Method for what? I'm actually wondering if I can take my modified dex-flash and successfully convert it back to cex-flash using this method; just waiting on some verification since this method is brand new. Other then that I would love to have rebug but I cant cause my PS3 is on dex

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    isn't the most simple method rebug? i mean, it's built in the firmware and they say it's like a 10 second switch.
    Its CEX FW so it wont install on DEX converted conslole. They really should make DEX version of it.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    oh! i misunderstood this... i think. wait, nevermind.

    idk... i think... not, i'm not. i'm confused and don't wanna think this through.

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    Brenza Guest
    This is the only tutorial that allow you to convert not qa-flagged back to CEX without formatting the hard drive.

    If you don't have a CEX dump it explains how to create one, once you obtained cex dump you don't need anything else but reading the guide, as i said it works for every possible situation!

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    fox460 Guest
    9) Power off the PS3 - HOW? using XMB or from Gamepad ? Or maybe with poweroff button?

    And what reboot homebrew do?

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    G Sus Guest
    rebug requires you to have a cex flash file, and a dex flash file placed in the correct place and you have to be in cex to install it, I was gutted i had to revert back to cex to install it, (done now though, and cex/dex switching is great)

    hopefully a future rebug version may be able to either install on dex machines, or create its own dex flash file (for people who never converted to dex and dont have one.)

    i suppose the reason they never created a dex installable one, is incase of confusion with them both being rex version. could have led to a lot of bricks, using wrong pup.. and anyone wanting it to run in dex mode should already have both cex/dex files.

    i've semi bricked twice when reverting to cex, shame this tutorial wasn't sooner, but luckily a dongle saved my ps3. rebugs dex/cex switching is a lot easier, and ive switched twice now and not had a brick, so its better than flashing them manually lol

    nice little guide, hope you dont mind but i've put the link to this guide at the bottom of the guide for fixing semi brick from going dex to cex, people who have had to rescue their PS3 from a semi brick really should have read this guide first and saved themselves the trouble..

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