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Thread: PS3 DEX 2 CEX: The Easy Way Without Bricking Guide

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    G Sus Guest
    i was wondering if thats why the first time i did it using rebug toolbox, xmb went all jerky and kept freezing until i reverted back. (very scary) but it cant be cos second time i did it it was perfectly smooth and no problems at all.

    i'd love to know what went wrong the first time, cos its really put me off using the dex switching feature. not that i actually need it at moment, but you never know when.

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    Portalcake Guest
    For a), I didn't really bother as I have a flasher.
    For b), yes, you can! The 355.001d PUP is signed with the correct Sony keys, so there's nothing to worry about. System Update Debug is enabled on DEX TargetID, no need for QA, so it just works, no fiddling needed.

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    neociano Guest
    Brenza I am going to use to tut to convert my dex NAND today, this is what I have done up until now.

    1. Lost my og. flash dump (freaking viruses).

    2. Installed the rebug toolbox, QA flagged the system, then made a dex dump using the toolbox (correct size for NAND dump 239 mb.) 3.Dumped my eEID keys using a complex lv2loadr.self that took over my system but I manage to dump ANYWAY. HA. 4. Used C2D v2 (nand support) to convert it to CEX.

    Now sticking to your tutorial, I should just install a OFW 3.55 dex, Use a multiman CEX 4.xx etc, to flash the CEX dump and power off my system using "Turn off the system", power on into recovery mode, (by holding down the power button until I get 2 beeps) and already have a usb stick with a OFW CEX 3.55 in the most right usb slot, and then Unicorns?

    I wasn't going to run the QA Flag extra bc I believe I am already QA flagged using the toolbox and since I converted my dex qa flagged dump to cex that dump should be flagged? I know this sounds like a lot but, ONLY PS3 NO FLASHER.

    Thanks in advance,


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    G Sus Guest
    couldn't just go back up to the rex pup though cos it only installs on cex systems.

    we really need a rex pup working for dex fw. so then we could use the system update to go back up too.

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    neociano Guest
    In sticking to the tut I should install YOUR special COREOS .pup First and do everything, a little confused, I'm sure I find a way to have CEX love again!

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    rizwanalichand Guest
    can you upload a video tutorial please?

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    Apr 2005
    There is a video tutorial if you scroll 3/4 of the way down here:

    Also a few more on running backups here:

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    Brenza Guest
    once you qa flagger your ps3 just

    1) downlgrade to a 3.5500 dex CFW (mine, iskamel) <--- NB: 3.5500, not 3.5501
    2) restore your cex target id with Multiman as i say in my tutorial
    3) Enter in the recovery menu and install 3.55 ofw cex

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    neociano Guest
    Can confirm this is the ONLY way to go from DEX to CEX!!! *tears* NO BRICKS HERE BABY!!! Model number ceche-01 phat boy, followed the tutorial exactly as it said.

    After flashing using multiman v04.11.11 I simply exited to xmb and then turned off system from the xmb. AND then started the ps3 in recovery mode and just finished installing ofw 3.55!!

    Much thanks to Brenza for this wonderful tutorial and I must mention PatrickBatman for his help recovering my flash dump!!! LONG LIVE THE SCENE.

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    Satguy Keano Guest
    Guys I have my PHAT dex unit that I converted months ago and like a fool deleted my cex dump. I understand most of the tut and will give it a go later but need to ask how do you do this,

    4) Create a dump of your DEX flash (use MultiMAN, memdump, preloader.. etc)

    Not sure how to use mM to dump your DEX flash if anyone can tell me then thanks.

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