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Thread: PS3 DEX 2 CEX: The Easy Way Without Bricking Guide

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    fox460 Guest
    Brenza , One man from Russia got a trouble, he on a qa_flag launching stage. He tried 3 times but still no 3 beeps. How to avoid this issue? Thanks

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    pedro800 Guest
    i think you should not install MM 4.10.0, you should install MM 4.10.0 below, just pick/install one of MM 4.4.4 till MM 4.10.0. and flash it with that MM.

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    fox460 Guest
    Thaks will try ! and post result here

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    pedro800 Guest
    edit: just pick/install one of MM 4.4.4 till MM 4.9.0. and flash it with that MM.

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Good luck. I am very interested to know

    CECHK08 was converted successfully. My respects to the author. DEX trip was harsh, guys.

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    xrelic Guest
    Thank You fine sir followed your guide without a hitch worked flawlessly back to cex 3.55, thank you very much.

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    Brenza Guest
    You are welcome, I'm really happy!

    when qa flag homebrew freeze and force you to restart the ps3 preceed even if you don't hear any beep if the ps3 restarts to xmb after you set the retail target id it's qa flagged! (without qa it would brick )

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    Portalcake Guest
    Works for me, thanks Brenza.

    Converted back to OFW 3.55 CEX, upgraded to Rebug and redexed. You never know when you want to downgrade easily

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    G Sus Guest
    i found the rebug dex switch a little scarey, what did you think portalcake

    and do you know if when in dex mode can i just use the dex downgrade feature with the 3.55 downgrade pup stored on HD to get back to 3.55. i doubt that you could then use it to go back to 4.25rex because otherwise we wouldn't have had to convert back to cex to install the rex pup in the first place.

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    Brenza Guest
    well... REX cfw is a retail (cex) firmware that optionally can load a debug (dex) coreos so you need to be on CEX to install it

    Rebug toolbox conversion works only if you qa flagged your ps3 while using the CEX targetid, if you qa flag while using a dex targetid and you try to go back to cex you 100% brick

    NB: If their qa flag tokenator read the idps from EID5 there's no problem, if it reads from EID0 you brick

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