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    G Sus Guest
    after you flashed back to cex what did you do? only thing i can think of is that you have to use the toggleQa supplied in the download pack

    The CFW also has SS Patches to let you set the Glevand's qa_extra.pkg from DEX, other than that i'm really lost on this one.

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    TheDude666 Guest
    I followed the tut exactly from Rogero Dex 3.55 I installed the CFW provided in this tut.

    Than I installed mutliman 4.10 base Cex. In mutliman i flashed my Cex Dump and pushed 3 times the yes. Multiman said no errors occured. After that i quitted to XMB and installed reboot.pkg and ran it. System rebooted (it says system wasnt correctly shut down the last time, but I think thats normal?)

    Next step I wanted to do was to install toggle qa but i only got the error message i mentioned. I wasn't and am not able to install any pkg. I tried another usb stick and to install it from mutliman nothing helped.

    Question: I still can see the debug settings, is this right oder should they have disappeared?

    I red if during the Dex Conversion toggle qa was set, it still is "working" and I wont get a Brick. Is there something about this?

    Can I in someway see if I will brick my PS3 with a reboot before the reboot?

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    G Sus Guest
    first i would redownload the package you downloaded with all the files in and try using the new toggle Qa that is in the newer download, incase it had a broken file or something.

    if that dont work , then you may have to try to continue without the toggle QA if you continue without the toggle Qa there is a good chance you will semi brick if you do it is recoverable. but you would need a dongle to do it. in the end the choice would have to be yours.

    i think you should have installed the reboot and the toggle qa packages, then ran them not installed one then ran it i think you were meant to install both first.

    i could be wrong though. if you really unlucky it wont semi brick and youl get a total brick this cant be recovered without a flasher

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    TheDude666 Guest
    Afterwards thats are my thoughts too

    For my understanding the Tut says it otherwise but it doesn't matter, cant change that now. I think I give it a try. Have to get a dongle in case of Brick but should be possible to do that somehow.

    Man that were some thrilling 10 minutes and I am lucky. Went fine... I am on 3.55 Cex.

    Thanks for your help and maybe the tut should be edited in that way, that first install the packages and then run them. Just to be sure

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    G Sus Guest
    glad your sorted, now try to stay out of dex.

    so far your the only person ive seen thats had trouble with the tutorial, wish it had existed when i had to revert.

  6. #46
    Brenza Guest
    Sorry to hear that, just open multiman and revert back your target id to DEX, reboot the ps3 and try again...

    this morning i asked the admin to change the tutorial (i can't do it anymore )

    if you install all the needed pkgs as the first thing, that should avoid the problem!

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    G Sus Guest
    hes all sorted now and back on cex, so no harm done, still an excellent tutorial and far simpler method.

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    fox460 Guest
    This tut is AMAZING!!! EASY ! UNDERSTANDABLE!!! Today went to CEX using this instruction!!! THANKS Brenza!

    GUYS got trophies issue while monting and launching game on 3.55 kmeaw after going to CEX with this tut. Please help me with this one. Thanks

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Tell us when tut get an update

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    Brenza Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fox460 View Post
    GUYS got trophies issue while monting and launching game on 3.55 kmeaw after going to CEX with this tut. Please help me with this one. Thanks
    Try by rebuilding the database from recovery menu, if it doesn't work just sync the trophies online and they'll get fixed automatically

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