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    Brenza Guest
    Just power it off Reboot.pkg reboots the PS3 without rebooting lv1 hypervisor you you reboot normally withou qa enabled you brick, if you try to set qa before rebooting you'll fail!

    Quote Originally Posted by G Sus View Post
    rebug requires you to have a cex flash file, and a dex flash file placed in the correct place and you have to be in cex to install it

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    fox460 Guest
    Ok understand - just power off using POWER OFF button. And if i'll doing step by step - everything will be fine. Thank you. But i'll wait for more tests from other users.

    Anyone test this instruction?

  3. #13
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Yah, if somebody did, then report.

  4. #14
    federivoubos Guest
    The guide works I converted from DEX to CEX without losing data in the HDD. Thank you!

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    umarswat Guest
    guys i bricked my slim during dex to cex. now i have original psjailbreak dongle to go to fsm and i m planning to use Rogero's v3.7cfw, now is there any way tht i prevent my hdd getting wiped out don't wanna format my hdd help guys

  6. #16
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    By any chance, did you brick it with this guide? As for your issue... I don't think anything will help. Lets hope that you can unbrick it at least.

    Mind telling us a model?

  7. #17
    niwakun Guest
    so what the use of the reboot.pkg? maybe you are supposed to use that on step 9?

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    Andrew691 Guest
    Just followed and am now back at CEX, already had a valid CEX NAND dump (256mb) created with jaicrab preloader advance. Followed each step exactly, used the "Turn off system" on XMB after QA flagging and everything worked perfect.

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    umarswat Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    Mind telling us a model?
    model is cech2504A. and i saw this tut late after flashing orig cex flash i turn off the ps3 directly from multiman using controller and now it is givin 10 fast beeps and turn offs btw i was in 3.55dex ofw when i flashed the orig cex.bin using multiman cex. i heard that in fsm we have access to hdd so maybe i can save my data

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    pejman2222 Guest
    10) Enter in the Recovery Menu and install the original 3.55 CEX

    it says there is no update data

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