How to remove IHS safely (if done correctly) without scratching the CPU's base board.

Things you need:

- Surgical Knife Holder (the one that can replace a blade)
- Surgical Blade 3cm long
- Candle that is fired up

Things to do first:

- Mark the Surgical Knife Blade at 2.5cm (beginning from the tip of the blade) with marker both sides
- Remember that the mark should be always visible at all times to avoid touching the core of CPU
- make sure the blade is touching the upper part (where the IHS is) not below it so you wont scratch it, the blade is so thin so theres no chance that it will scratch it when during the removal


1. Look for the side who had a open space (the other 3 side are sealed up) so this will be your starting point,
2. Now insert the blade from that open spot with the care of the marking on the blade is showing up, so you wont be touching the CPU core.
3. now cut it all along from 4 sides, if in case that the blade cant cut though, get your candle and heat up the blade for 30 seconds then resume it from the spot you were stucked on (usually you dont need the candle since the blade used in surgical knife is so sharp that it can cut the epoxy through)
4. That's it you just removed the IHS on CPU without even pushing too much effort that what you see in Youtube How-to videos.