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    Frago Guest

    PS3 CPU And GPU LCD Temperature Meter Guide

    Hi guys, today i'm gonna share with you again a nice and cool mod for ps3, its nice to see your temp on your pc.. why not to your ps3 to?

    First the the things you will need:

    1- Two LCD Thermometer Temperature Meter from ebay i suggest this because they want very little power to work and we will take power from one of the usb so here is the link to check it out.


    2- One pistol with hot silicone i think you will know what i mean, this is for to stuck the Thermometer Temperature Meter to the ps3 case after you will follow my guide: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...de-120060.html

    And make to your ps3 good for it health and space to put the 2 LCD Thermometer Temperature to the anavaible spase after you move your ps3 power supply to the back.

    So lets begin first unsrew your heatsink clean it put new paste and when you will go to assembly your heatsink in the cpu and gpu put the Thermometer iron between the iron cpu and gpu, to undertsand check the link for the ebay to see the LCD Temperature Meter PICTURE and see the Thermometer iron how it looks and then see my PICTURE 1-to understand how, this will make 2 goods, more presure and it wll take the exactly temp of your cpu/gpu.

    Then take power from one of your usb like me see PICTURE-2 choose one of the 4 or 2 usb and take power from the points that i have marked.

    Then cut a space from your ps3 case and put the LCD Temperature Meter and stuck it with the silicone glue like me. See other pic, i will upload more pics of the guide for you to understand better but now you can take an idea to make it work, good luck.

    And don't forget HERE IN PS3 NEWS WE HAVE THE BEST GUIDES!!!

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    Apr 2005

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    Looks cool Frago, nice job and +Rep for the guide, pics and video!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I wouldn't recommend putting silicone anywhere near there but if you want to read the temps there already are a few spots on the mobo for that.

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    Frago Guest
    No in the case plastic its not problem like a glue something, i have it 2 weeks like that and no problem at all.

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    moja Guest
    Hi Frago, I remember your first mod. I am very curious to see what your PS3 will look like when you're out of ideas. This one is pretty neat.

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    fre3PS Guest
    bloody marvelous... i like how you moved the power supply outside.

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    Frago Guest
    Thank you

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    Hi Frago, very nice mod, infact i have just ordered x2 temp monitors.

    i am installing a progskeet in the next few days on one of my 60gb, so want to monitor the temp differences on the read/flash

    do you buy anychance have a detailed pin-out on where you took the power from the usb? or a detailed picture? the picture you posted isn't to clear for me.

    thanks buddy +rep

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    Frago Guest
    Yeah look better in my new picture, i have point to you the 4 usb ports of the 60gb model and if you look closer i show to you the 2 points of each usb power points that you will take the power, its the same for the 4 usb ports you will just connect the red and black cables of the monitor to the each of the 2 access points of one of your usb ports you like, i conect it to the 1ST, just make zoom down and left of the pic until you see the 2 arrows in 1st usb port.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    thanks, top work. looks classy, and has a practical use

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