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    Jul 2012

    digital thermometer

    Hey just wondering did you just put the thermometer reading just under the heatsink bracket or actually on the gpu and cpu? Please reply.

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    do you have a video, how you build this mod?

    thanks for sharing this mod sir

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    Oct 2007
    i just put it under the thing that u have the 2 holes to put the screws if you understand me.

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    great job to be careful with its temp thanks

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    Looking pretty sweet might use this in future ps3's.

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    thanks for the guide!

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    Awesome mod, is it possible to put the two LCD screens under the cards reader lid for the 60Gb PS3, or there is no enough room to fit it? What are the possible spots where you can hook these LCD screens, and finally for the USB ports soldering, which one is the (+) and which one is the (-)?

    Thank you.

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    Cool hack. Not only does it provide important information but I like how it shows it lit up.

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