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Thread: PS3 CEX to DEX to CEX Tutorial by Yayes

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    farenheit Guest
    Appreciate the concern, but the debug f/w doesnt offer me anything more than retail. At least with retail i have psn (when its available) and bluray playback. Figured out my problem, used c2d included with mmOS

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    blas Guest

    do i need to dehash/syscon reset, if i followed this guide to 3.55dex, then i installed 4.21dex then i went back to 3.55dex ?
    i already have qa enabled

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes if even if you already are qa enabled.

    Do this:

    QA Flagging - Write By yayes
    • Install This Firmware CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP then install qa_flag_extra.pkg then run this app
    • If you want to check whether your firmware qa flagged go to system setting scroll down to network setting (don't enter network setting) then pres L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + D-pad Down
    • Thats it, the “Edy Viewer”, “Debug Settings”, “Install Package” Menu will now appear.
    • After You enable qa_flag On your console install 3.55kmeaw (i'm not including this firmware)

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    gsr325 Guest
    Hello, I have an e3 flashed ps3 running OFW 3.55 and when I tried to install CFW 4.30 I got an message saying "Update data of version 3.20 or later can be installed on this system (8002F967)" Can someone please tell me what this message means and what am I doing wrong?

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    windrider42 Guest
    I would say you had a disc in the PS3 drive that had 3.20 Update on it. Remove all discs when updating, the PS3 looks there first.

    Also you have been downgraded, so make sure you do the dehashing before updating to 4.30

    also you have posted in the wrong section. You should have posted in the help section.

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    Hi I need help I install a pkg for a game to Rogero 4.30 cfw and I'm trying to how to delete the pkg that I install can somebody help me out?

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    gsr325 Guest
    Ok, now how do I reformat my e3 flashed HDD, it's in the esata station. Plus I want to know how can I check My HDD for errors or corrupt files. Because my ps3 will startup, then FREEZE on the main screen, And I wanna know how to do these things with my HDD.

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    pedro800 Guest
    well i don't know what it cause, i think it need to re-install the firmware from recovery menu.

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    gsr325 Guest
    I'm just trying to find out how exactly do I reformat the Hard drive. bc I don't recall formatting the first time.

    Format the esata hard drive to e3 flasher, can someone explain to me how to format it?

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    Monj Guest
    I thought the ps3 will format the hdd.

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