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    Frago Guest

    PS3 60GB Power Supply Cooling Mod Guide

    Hi to all, after several tests on my 60gb ps3 console i come with my 3rd mod of ps3 reduce heat and i i think the best and cheapest at the moment. For all 60gb owners i think this mod is the best mod that reduce 40% heat inside from the ps3 because i take out the power supply that making the 40% heat from the entire system, my ps3 after that mod was 2 level down fan speed cause i take the 40% out from ps3 and i want to show you how to do it because we must keep our 60gb i think its the best consoles from all ps3 until now and we must keep it alive... So lets start:

    What you will need:

    1- 1 meter of good ethernet cable
    2- 1 meter of good sound meter- the fat one from the sound speakers
    3- 1 good silicone- i prefer logo
    4- 1 one drill and screws
    5- Your will to keep your 60gb console ALIVE for a long time

    Lets Start

    In N1 Picture i will tell you about the cables, you wiil make the white5 cable longer with the ethernet cable like in A position

    In N1 and N2 Picture you will make a cable with very caution withe the power of ps3 and the sound fat cable like me in N1 Picture B position and for better put silicon after you fix the cable for sure that will not move from their position.

    In N1 Picture make the power supply cable longer again with fat one sound cable like me in C Position.

    In N1 Picture take a cable with geo to connect it on power supply in the end for not electricity danger like me in D Position

    Now take the back plastic of ps3 and make 2 big holes for the cable and 4 for the power supply like me in N3 Picture A-B Position and then take all the cables and get it through like me in N4 Picture.

    Very important after you finished you must put silicone in the holes that you make for not take the ps3 air from that holes because it will lose air compress and it will make more heat because it will not take the air from the holes that it have by its own.

    I hope you will fix it without problem i fix it in 3-4 ours and now it runs smooth and quite and if u have any other ideas please tell it to me to try it, all ideas for the good of 60gb consoles that disappear slowly slowly and sorry for my bad english, i'm from greece.

    Here are 2 videos to see it in action:

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the guide and videos Frago and +Rep!

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    Frago Guest
    thanks boss, i do anything that i can to help the Ps3news.com

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    alphaquake Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    i didn't know mickey mouse is made in Sweden.

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    dtwaling Guest
    Not pretty, but excellent mod. A little ingenuity is good for everybody, THANK YOU!

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    Frago Guest
    yeah thank you, i will make it a little pretty now these days and i will upload the photo.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I couldn't care less how my PS3 looks.

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    Frago Guest
    You know if you have your ps3 like mine you can't see how is behind only if you go from the back or the side and is very good to do this temp i will upload a video to show to you how degrees is the power supply after 30 minutes and imagine to take out these degrees from ps3!

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    neokrake Guest
    nice, but i don't have the talent for this

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    Frago Guest
    it's easy believe me and you don't have to be talent to fix this believe, try and you will see.

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