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Thread: PS3 60GB Power Supply Cooling Mod Guide

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    marcelinho1979 Guest
    Hi. Nice Tuto. My PS3 thanks

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    agfsilva Guest
    Thanks for this useful post

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    joelb31 Guest
    Thanks, this is very useful.

    Stay Well

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    SpeedNut Guest
    Nice Mod, although it may just be worth it to go all out and make it a standalone box.

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    gd48202 Guest
    Great mod. Thanks for sharing

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    pessbolt Guest
    Thanks for the guide

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    Msb12i Guest

    I allways enjoy these MOD's from a handyman

    Just use the fan MOD tutorial and you're YLOD worries are over.


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    AC2012 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Thanks! rodq!

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    z4R0k Guest
    Thanks for the tuto.

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    Frago Guest

    Ps3 Guides

    My friends thank you all for your good words, i started to make this guides because i wanted to shared with other peoples all over the world,i have this mod without any problems from 12/07/2011 i did some updates only just to make it more good looking so here new pics and my new mod.


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