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    teevo Guest
    I'm very tempted to try this mod on my 60gb, now 500gb launch model. I also have a dead 40gb ps3, so I can replace the fan from my 60gb model with the 40gb fan without any modifications need?

    Great work

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    Frago Guest
    My friend the only right things that u say from the 3 fixes is the power supply but again it will produce hot air IN THE PS3 i have try the method with this fix and to tell the true you are right but when i put the power supply out from ps3 was cool, and all this about the fan try it by your own see the speed, noise and the hot air that will be out from the back of your ps3 with the 60gb fan and then compare it with a 40gb fan.

    you don't have to do any mod to switch the fan just open the ps3 switch the fan close the ps3 and test it for 45 minutes and then you will see that i am right, i have change 4 60gb ps3 and i know a lot from that model and about the heat cause i have done a lot of mods and tests.AND I USE IR GUN TOO!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by teevo View Post
    I'm very tempted to try this mod on my 60gb, now 500gb launch model. I also have a dead 40gb ps3, so I can replace the fan from my 60gb model with the 40gb fan without any modifications need?

    Great work
    no just open the ps3 disconect the fan and connect the other test it for 45 minutes and you will see the difference, then please repost back here your opinion. look how big are the blades of the 15 blade fan and how small are the 19 blade fan.

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    Frago Guest

    Guys here are new pics from the mod!!!

    Guys here are new pics from the mod!!! Hope you will like it.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Jesus this looks terrible but as long it can expand the life period of a 60GB ps3 its a good mod

  5. #35
    Frago Guest
    if you see it from the front its the same, you can't see the power supply, and i play gt5 these days 6-7 hours per day and the fan sometimes goes to level 3 and then after 2 minutes on level 2 again.

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    moja Guest
    Check out this link for proof of 15 vs 19-pin fans: http://community.us.playstation.com/...art=0&tstart=0

    With my cooler power supply inside my case, AS5, my 19-blade fan only ramps up to level 2, and sometimes level 3 also during long sessions. With that 15-blade and garbage thermal paste still inside your box, I'd put the power supply outside too. Please be careful how you present this to others when there is a great amount of contradictory information out there. Just for kicks, here's an airflow diagram that's been around the net for a minute now.

    BTW, it's still a neat mod.

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    Frago Guest
    First let me teach you something, when sony made the 60gb console they didn't know that after 3-4 years will be to sensitive to the heat because they didn't test it for to long time cause they had their focus on the 80gb consoles,when they went from 60gb to 80gb consoles they make some serious updates like smaller mm cpu and the saw the overheat problems that the 60 gb consoles had and the fix them by using smaller heatsink and a fan with less but bigger blades, so i will make you a video without reset of my ps3 15 minutes with the original fan and one with the 15blades fan.

    i have on my ps3 above the cpu and gpu 2 themal electronic sensors and u will see, its not big difference on gt5 with the original fan after 15minutes gaming had 54cpu and 57gpu and with the 15blades 48cpu and gpu 49, why you think the 80gb consoles don't have easily ydl and 60gb have?

    search the net and you will see, don't believe always airflow diagrams do it by yourself to see the truth, i have my ps3 from the december of 2006 and ime make all of mods if you search the topics you will see and i know a lot of things about the 60gb i didn't have problems with the overheating on my ps3 i just did my mod with the power supply to make my ps3 live longer than yours and make a test.

    have your 60gb console open for 30 minutes playing a heavy game and then fast turn it off disassembly your ps3 fast and put your face above the iron power supply then imagine that above 55-60 celsius out from your ps3!! it will make it more cool and smooth, why you think the 80gb consoles have plastic power supply?

    cause not to share the temp with the system like 60gb fault!! i'm trying and make mods cause i like it to share them for good and i want to help others who have 60gb consoles to keep the alive.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Oh my greatness!! Frago ... this is really fugly! hehehe, but I have no doubt this is a very effective solution! Good work. Seeing that you like mods so much - why not mod the PS3 housing to "clean it up" a bit? But yeah - I like!

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    elser1 Guest
    i like your ideas mate.. good on you.. +rep

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    Frago Guest
    Thanks a lot guys you made my day ,i try every that coming in my mind and the i share it only here at PS3NEWS.com, we have the best forum.

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