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    Kudos for learning this way, but I would've put some space between the hot power supply and the case, or built an external enclosure. Personally, I just replaced the garbage thermal paste with AS5 and the power supply with a much cooler APS-231, and it's been a wondrous difference.

    What power supply do you have, the Z-model?

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    i really like the mod.

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    You should do this after you fix your PS3 which has the YLOD.

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    .. not anymore.

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    that a nice mod.

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    For sure, I've done this with my Fat PS3 (May it Rest in peace ), it lasted much longer than it would have probably have lasted.
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    what model is it ? what the problem is it ?

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    Same model as this one, YLOD, and a broken Blu Ray drive plus It's on like 3.56 firmware so I can't use any FW that disables it checking the Blu Ray drive. (I already had one PS3 in an update loop)

    Every Fat PS3 I had, had a problem with the blu ray drive.
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    now the blu ray drive can't work at all from the update or another reason ? plus i am make a guide of mine own like a couple of them


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