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    mushy409 Guest

    Post PS3 3.6x Downgrade Tutorial (256Mb NAND Only)

    Simplified 256Mb NAND PS3 3.6x Downgrade Guide:

    Software needed:
    • PS3NANDProgrammer v1.41
    • OR
    • Infectus NAND Flasher v1.0.42
    • Flow Rebuilder v4.1.3.2
    • Hexeditor (HxD is FREE)

    ^^^^^ALL INCLUDED^^^^^

    First make sure you have the Infectus drivers installed, and you have already programmed your Infectus with PS3 DUAL NAND firmware (using Infectus software)

    Second unpack the rar files provided. Locate the libusb folder and install the filter. In the popup box, select ‘Install Device Filter’, then find your Infectus device in the list and select it, then install.When done you can exit libusb.
    This allows your Infectus with the included flasher applications Infectus NAND Flasher v., etc.

    1. When making your first dump, make 100% sure you have a good dump, make several to be safe and compare them with HxD. If you don’t have a good backup and erase your NANDs then you’re pretty much screwed... THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    2. Once you have your NAND flash dumps, use FlowRebuilder v. unscramble then interleave flashes into one unified dump. Let’s call the output file 256Mb.bin

    3. Open 256Mb.bin with HxD (Included in rar files)

    3a. Go to offset: 000C0020 (Ctrl+G) which should look something like this

    (BRICKED PS3 DUMP @ 000C0020)

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Open 1patchcos.bin in HxD, Select All and Copy
    Go back to your NAND dump and go Edit – Select Block
    In the box that pops up, tick the length button to enable the text and enter DFFFE1 as block length. Then go Edit – Paste Write (not insert!)

    This next step is optional, I would suggest trying without this patch first as I did have success without it. 1patchcos.bin is based on 3.41 CoreOS, and 1patchcos355.bin is based on 3.55 CoreOS. The second worked for me. The original 1patchcos.bin should work so try that first, in rare cases (like me & EiKii) it doesn’t then try 1patchcos355.bin.

    3b. Now go to offset: 00093800 and you should find something like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Open 2patchtrvk.bin and copy all of its content and paste WRITE from the above offset


    5. Again open FlowRebuilder v. and this time we want to Re-scramble the modified dump then de-interleave it into two new flashes. Choose your flash0.bin, flash1.bin and the 256Mb.bin you modified. When done it should say 42 or 43 blocks modified each NAND depends on if you only did one or both patches

    Now you end up with 2 new files called flash0.bin.new.bin and flash1.bin.new.bin. You will also get A folder called ‘Differential Flashing’ which contain 2 txt files. These can GREATLY speed up the flashing/restoring process.

    6. With Infectus NAND Flasher v., connect your programmer and select flash0. Select Difference Write, select your flash0.bin.new.bin as your input file, then select the flash0 difference file. This way you only have to flash 42-44 blocks instead of 2048! Untick the box Check ECC during DUMP and WRITE operations (slower but safer) before you hit go.

    7. When done, power your console up. If you get YLOD then you should try the second patch as mentioned earlier. If all went well you should have a green light but black screen (might differ slightly, mine powered off after about 20/30 seconds) You MAY need to put your console into service mode at this point if you were brick-fixing (usual dongle method). The Lv2diag files are included.

    8. Make a downgrade to your desired firmware – If your PS3 refuses to work with a particular PS3UPDAT.PUP, try again with a different one. I tried 3 times before mine would accept a firmware.

    NOTES: if you are patching with 3.55 cos you have to use the special 3.55 downgrade PUP, which means you will get 3.41 as min version. This can be changed with doing the "DOWNGRADE" Procedure again, choosing another firmware in service mode downgrade.

    If you get YLOD after flashing, check your soldering & do a full dump & compare the NANDS. Even 1 write error will prevent your console from booting.

    When attempting to do a downgrade, enter service mode before patching. It will make it easier even if you forgot its not a problem, you just need to enter service mode. (this is only possible when downgrading) BUT remember DO NOT ENTER SERVICE MODE ON v3.66 UNLESS YOU HAVE A HARDWARE FLASHER (INFECTUS, PROGSKEET, WILLEM, ETC)

    The original .doc file is attached and is easier to view than on the forum.

    Thanks to EiKii for the original tutorial, Dospiedra for the tools, PS3NEWS for putting up with us, and everyone else involved!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    An excellent guide mushy409, I have tagged and rated it now and a BIG +Rep !!

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    Ezio Guest
    Thank's mate, nice tutorial!

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks mate. +rep!!

    can't rep you again yet.. LOL

    i owe you a rep.. LOL

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Awesome dude. Thank you very much for that tutorial.

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    joekrow Guest
    Everyone says a nice tutorial but a video could have helped as I am a newbie and don't understand a lot of things but I also want to be sure that means I can downgrade my firmware of 3.61?

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    shummyr Guest
    excellent guide

  8. #8
    joekrow Guest


    guess no one is attending to my question

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You probably would have to try it as the lack of replies for 3.61 likely means nobody here has yet... if you are seeking a guess I would say 3.61 should work since it's for 3.6x, but in general most methods involving heavy soldering and hex-editing are not even attempted by the majority of folks. If anyone has tried it on a 3.61 feel free to reply and I will +Rep ya!

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    mushy409 Guest
    Sorry for the late reply guys, had some trouble with my PC (PSU exploding) and only just got round to replacing it.

    joekrow - YES this will work for 3.61 as MY PS3 was on 3.61 and I successfully downgraded it to 3.55

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