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    Junior Member kiki1234's Avatar
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    Ok i flashed a second Ps3 (Cok-002) and it worked fine. I have downgraded it. But it was the same procedure as on the first ps3. I only used the patchcos355. when i rescramble the nands into to two dumps flowrebuilder say that 42 blocks were edited.

    At the first (problem ps3 ) flowrebuilder say everytime 46 blocks were edited. How is that possible?

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    You may have a bad block in the COS area... This *could* cause you trouble as bad blocks are normally remapped by the Southbridge in the PS3. What part numbers are your NAND IC's?

    Your only option may be to replace the NAND IC's with Samsung K8FxxxxA or similar...

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    Ok, i will give it a try. I have a old Ps3 Mainboard here, which isn't repairable. There are Nand Chips on it. After this weekend i will desolder the Nands and solder the the nands from the broken board on it

    The part numbers i have to look tomorrow when i'm back home.

    I don't give up. I will finish my work with a positive result.
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    I'm exactly the same. Persistance is the key. I once had a Wii that was bricked... Tried numerous times to unbrick, but caused more damage to the traces & board. Ended up sticking it in a box for nearly 2 years until I did my IPC training.

    Dug the bugger out & spent 3 days repairing the tracks & reflashed the NAND with Bootmii (8 blocks...) and finally had it working!!! Had a party at my house with a few mates + beer + lots of wii golf

    Keep me updated, I'll help you where I can

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    This is so great, thanks for the guide!!!

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    I have a ps3 GECG04 fat NAND - mbo- SEM-001 OFW 3.56. Can I follow this tutorial to downgrade even though the tutorial for the PS3 3.6x + ?

    I have progskeet v 1.1 with whom I did dump 3.56

    dump 0: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hgrls9

    dump 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ym1gqb

    Created by the tutorial from the first page - patch my OFW 3.56: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6a2q6h

    It would be grateful if someone can throw around whether this is ok.

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    Hey Mushy, i'm still not got to change the Nands. But when i did it, you will hear the result

    But now, i have new Problem. I have a COK-002 board here from a friend. I read out the two Nands. Only one bad block in the first Nand. Now i built in the patchcos355 and rescramble it into to new dumps. And flow rebuilder says that 46 blocks were modified each nand. The same as it was with the problem PS3.

    Did it have to be 42/43 modified blocks or could it more or less? when it has to be 42/43 blocks, were could be the problem? because iīm not to stupid to patch the 256.bin (my name for the scrambled nands) with the 355patchcos.bin. Do you have an idea?


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    Just downloading now, I'll let you know if it's good or not!

    KiKi - very strange... Almost all the NAND machines I've done have only had 42/43 blocks changed. Does the filesize change at all after you insert the patched COS?

    I've downloaded and check your dumps - all seem fine & patched with 3.55 Core OS. Should be fine to flash back!

    Kiki - all the previous NAND consoles I've done have had only 42-43 blocks modified, if I apply the TRVK patch then I think it modifies 44/45 blocks(?) I'll have to check. I've still got your dumps on my HDD so I'll have another look. Have you thought about going down the Donor NAND dump route? You need to extract all your console specific stuff and patch into the donor 3.55 dump. Might be worth a shot if you know how.

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    I have another console downgrade a few days ago and everything went well. Exact blocks were modified. But i really donīt know why it modified 46 blocks each nand. File size is still the same after the patch (paste write).

    You mean a dump from another console and patch it with my console specific stuff?

    EDIT: Another question. On this ps3 was 3.72 installed. I've tried to downgrade from there. But the same with the blocks. Then i updated to 4.00 for trying. Same Problem. When i flash the original 4.00 the ps3 works fine. But when i flash back the original 3.72 dump the ps3 doesn't work. But only after i updated to 4.00. Before i updated to 4.00 i flashed back the original 3.72 dump and the ps3 works fine. After the update it doesn't work.

    But in my opinion it also have to work after the update or am i wrong?
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    Flashing the original dump back should work as I've just tested this on a 4.00 NAND console.

    Only suggestion is again - you might have bad blocks located in the COS part of your NAND. The only real way for sure is to replace the flash IC and reprogram them with your old 3.72 dump and take it from there.


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