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    This is so great, thanks for the guide !!!

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    Hey Mushy,

    i've tried everything to downgrade but nothing works. I don't know what to do. Can you try to upload your version of my nand again? i would try it with that one. Believe me, i tried everything to install a 3.55 firmware but with no luck. I think i have a mistake in my patched Nands. If you can upload them again i will try that one.

    Im sorry that i'm wasting so much time of you. Believe me, first of all i try everything on my own, but i cant step forward now.


    Edit: I can do what i want, but the usb doesn't work. The LED from the stick shows no reaction.

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    Brendan - this is yours I believe -

    Kiki1234 - yours is on it's way

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    Thank you for uploading the the patched nand dumps. I have tested them with the same results as i had. Ylod. I've tried everything at the weekend. I found out that i only have the green and black screen when i flash back in vise-versa. Thats why there is no usb function.

    Then i reinstalled 4.0 firmware via usb and Service Mode. Read out again, patched the files (1patchcos355.bin), flashed back ---> Ylod

    Then i saw that the 2patchtrvk.bin is exactly the same as in my original Dump. So, that say to me, that i didn't need it.

    Then i tried the 1patchcos.bin bin with the new dump (new 4.0 firmware) ---> Ylod
    I flashed back the original new dump, the ps3 is working fine.
    I go to service mode shut down the ps3, read out the nands, patch the files, flash back ---->Ylod
    (everytime when i rescramble with flowrebuilder i have a look if all folders and files were created (bootloader cCSD, cISD etc...)

    Ok, you see, i've tried everything. I really want to open the window through out the ps3 and forget about everything i have ever done with it

    Maybe you have one more idea. If everything went well, i buy a ylod ps3 (same model as mine) in the evening then i will fix the ylod and try and this one. Only to see if its the firmware of the ps3 that make the problems or am i the problem

    I forgot to tell you, that i'm using the Progskeet with winskeet. But i think that can't be the problem, because when i flash back the originals dumps, the ps3 is working well.

    Ok, thats it from my side. Maybe you have one more idea, if not you will here from me when i have a second ps3 for testing here.

    Again big thx to Mushy for helping.

    Edit: I have compared your patched files with my patched files and they are the same. So that shows me, that i didn't do mistakes at the patching part. I think that my firmware isn't "compatible" with this patch but then i were the first one i think. I get no silence in my head

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    Kiki - what setup are you using with your Progskeet? Dual NAND writing doesn't work well. I haven't tried the NAND clips as I solder my connections.

    I use Winskeet USB, but have to solder the NANDs seperately (NAND1 to the progskeet) in order to get BOTH NANDs written with the correct flash.

    Very strange... I think it's time to update the NAND downgrader files...

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    why it's only for 256MB Nand?

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    Because the method used for downgrading NAND/NOR consoles is slightly different.

    Kiki - I'd more than likely say it's down to a hardware problem (with your progskeet). Reason I say this is becuase I've had nothing but trouble with mine since I bought it (v1.1 Crystal Blue). Even with the new bitstream - I cannot program both NANDs as I have to solder flash0 to NAND1 on progskeet, read then write, then solder flash1 to NAND1 on progskeet as for some reason I get 2 dumps of the first NAND.

    VERY buggy software, although worth perseverance because of the write speed

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    Hey Mushy, i know you can't read out two nands at the same time. I read and write every Nand on its own. I thought so too, that the progskeet has a failure. But the misterious think is, when i flash back the original Nands the Ps3 is working fine.

    This week i get a 2. ps3. I will test it with the other ps3. When its done, i will let you know

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    No probs kiki - if you still can't get it downgraded you could always send it my way. I'd do the downgrade a bit cheaper since you've done the dumping part & have backups to work from already.

    Yeah please do let me know how you get on!

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    Thx men, but i have to get it on my on The good thing is, i can't destroy it anymore, because i have a working dump I will give it some more trys. First of all i try an other ps3 with the same process, because it is the right one. I know, because your patched dumps from my dump are exactly the same as my patched dumps. I compared them with HxD.

    I think ill find a way

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