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Thread: PS3 3.6x Downgrade Tutorial (256Mb NAND Only)

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    mushy409 Guest
    I've just posted a reply and it's been deleted???

    I'll try again...

    YES YES YES The guide states 3.6x which includes all the firmwares in the 3.6 range.

    My console was 3.61 and downgraded fine. I've also done my mate's console on 3.66 so YES it works well.

    Any questions I'll be able to answer them pretty quick now I've replaced my PC's psu

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    Apr 2005
    +Rep for the confirmation mushy409!

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    mushy409 Guest
    Thanks boss. Nearly had a heart attack when the PSU blew up... Was sat literally about 2 feet away from it

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    snikes Guest
    newbie says THANKS.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Very nice guide, I'll be trying this on one of the PS3's getting delivered soon

    And once my Infectus arrives too

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    melka Guest
    Looks like this is the solution for downgrading my CECHG PS3 in 3.60 OFW to 3.55CFW, thanks Mushy409

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    michael040990 Guest
    ok i have a few questions will this work on a ps3 CECHA01 60GB PHAT 256 NAND on OFW 3.70 i had my own theory but its just a theory no actual'y evidence supporting it.

    if you take the same moddle ps3's one with firmware 3.7 and the other at 3.55 and dump the 3.55 nand firmware and write it to the 3.7 nand chip using somehting like INFECTUS or progskeet will that downgrade my 3.7 to a 3.55? or is there more details about it i need to know/edit?

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    jasperla1 Guest
    thanks for the guide

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    michael040990 Guest
    i know there's console information i need to edit somewhere..

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    mushy409 Guest
    There's more to it than just swapping NAND images. Try it, you'll brick your machine

    I've yet to try this with a 3.70 console, so until I get one with that firmware I can't really comment on it.

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