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  1. #131
    mushy409 Guest
    Yes you can, the downgrade works for 3.6x, 3.7x, 4.00 & 4.11 - tried and tested many times

  2. #132
    JW117 Guest
    How long does it take to downgrade to 3.55 from 4.11?

  3. #133
    mushy409 Guest
    Depends how quick you are at soldering really, unless you use the solderless clips. Most of the time is spent waiting for the NANDs to read/write. If you know how to use Hexeditor then its pretty straight forward

  4. #134
    mushy409 Guest
    Or Better still... forgot about this tool - Venix Downgrade GUI

    This app patches both NOR & NAND images ready for downgrading. Saves the hassle of hexing the patches!

  5. #135
    theinfinite Guest
    Mushy409 Can the single/dual NANDs on the fat ps3 motherboard be replaced? If so, will the ps3 be operational? I would think so since the things are brand new and would need to be flashed with any firmware since they're empty, right? Just wondering.

  6. #136
    kibash23 Guest
    is there any hope for version 4.21?

  7. #137
    class Guest
    hi, i hope you can help me. can you fix my 5 bad blocks in nand 0 and my 2 bad blocks in nand 1 .. tried to dump them 5 times but always the same .. (wanikoko v1 brick)

    links for the files : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bo6c40jx267d0or/7s2l8OhQ-1

    any one ?!? help please

  8. #138
    cbr600 Guest
    hello all... I have 3 bad blocks after nand0 dump using infectus double nand programmer v1.41. Tried 6x with the same results. No issues with nand1. When I use the infectus programmer, i don't receive any errors for both nands. I checked the wiring many times and the solder points are good. Before I proceed, could someone provide some insight. (wanikoko v1 brick)

    Below is the error log report for nand 0. If needed, i will upload the files for further review...

    [Register or Login to view code]

  9. #139
    psxforums Guest


    thank you for the great tutorial

  10. #140
    Siggy12 Guest
    excellent guide mushy409.. but I have a question that you probably know the answer I don't think that no one have tried this but i cannot read anything anywhere that maybe can lead us to downgrade easily a 4.21 console without a flasher, so here my question...

    Now that we have the 3.60 keys is not possible to sign jaicrab LV2DIAG.SELF for work also on 3.60 and up to 4.21 firmware for exit from factory service mode ? if this work maybe we can downgrade easily no ?

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