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Thread: PS3 3.6x Downgrade Tutorial (256Mb NAND Only)

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    kiki1234 Guest
    The Nands have to be exact 132 MB (138.412.032 Bytes)


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    wildchild Guest
    Thanks, do you use the NAND clips or you soldered?

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    olum64 Guest
    Hello, can anyone help with the Badblocks a NAND has 4 and the other is clean to the left as:

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    wildchild Guest
    And what firmware did you successfully downgrade from last?

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    kiki1234 Guest
    I have a clip here, but its not save enough for me. I solder the progskeet directly to the nand. I downgraded 3.70, 4.00, 4.10, 4.11 till now and that many times. No problems. I use always only the patch 3.55, works for me every time.

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    wildchild Guest
    I presume you only get 42 or 43 blocks modified on each NAND right? For I get 46 on average and then YLOD

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    r0kk0z80 Guest
    Hi guys, i'm having some troubles with a ps3, got all the dumps patched and flashed back, when i power up the ps3 it goes black screen and then off after 15 secs. i'm using psfreedom as jig dongle to enter factory mode but when i plug it off and plug in the usb key with the self and pup files, the usb doesn't seem to be powered on by the ps3 and after a few secs the ps3 shuts down. i tried both patches with the same results with and without with no luck.

    When i plug in the dongle the ps3 stays on for a few more seconds, i guess because it's actually working, i'm using progskeet 1.1, forgot to mention that i tested the dumps flashing them back and the ps3 was fully restored, i'm on 4.11 currently.

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction cause i'm actually lost on this one

    Thanks in advance

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    r0kk0z80 Guest
    Got everything sorted out, it was a faulty jig dongle, just used another one and worked flawless, thx again for the amazing guide

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    gawen Guest
    Looks like this is the solution for downgrading my CECHG PS3 in 3.60 OFW to 3.55CFW

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    basketball Guest
    Sorry for the noob question but, Can I use this guide to downgrade from the latest PS3 firmware?

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