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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thx mushy. I also tried older versions of Winskeet with libusb0 but have got the same result. My laptop hase Win7 pre-installed and i need to download a WinXP first.

    I have no problem with that that the console don't stay on and turn here self of in case of GND and tristate. Mine stay on forever till i turn it off with the front power button.

    The problem with a donor dump would be that bootloader and metldr are encrypted with per_console_key_0 which is stored in the OTP of the Cell. So if i use a donor dump and even my flash still has the bootloader the differential flash option would overwrite the bootloader in case the bytes are diff.

    Also cISD and cCSD have console specific information and keys. Or have you tried this already and it has worked for you ?

    I think about to use the custom range option and just flash around of that imoprtant files. But i bought a new 2004B slim yesterday which has a FW 4.0 installed and i'm already soldering the ProgSkeet onto that mainboard to downgrade it so i can start to work again and test some things.

    Will try to fix the 2004A a bit later.

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    OverX Guest
    try this version WinSkeet40000 works well for me in fat!


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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thx mate i will try but i'm sure it has nothing todo with the versions of WinSkeet. It seems to be something diff. Cause on the 2004B i got the same symptoms like with the bricked 2004A when i boot the 2004B without closed R7.

    Console boot with black screen, no usb is working and you only can turn it off with holding the power button for approx 20 sec or so. Looks like the NOR is shorten then and the ps3 cant load bootloader.

    The new slim still works after desoldering the flasher and now im a bit pissed off in case that uf6667 and his team is not able to write and release one good guid. The just tell you that dev wiki is there guide, not understanding that IS NOT a guid. But anyway. The 20sec trick doesn't have let me correct dump the NOR, the 10sec or on sometimes a few sec less like it is told on devwiki does never work for me.

    I can't find something about to solder a GND to NOR_TRISTATE nor a explainiation that give you a step by step solution. Also i haven't found something about that your console will boot with black screen with the timing trick and that you dont need to be worry. And at least sadly but true the timing trick wasn't helpful in any case.

    They even told my speaking voice on irc (i have someone that is talking to ppl for me while i work on things) that the short test is meant for using with progskeet when it is not soldered to anything. Hell where is the logical part in having a so called SHORT TEST option when it then only shall be used with nothing connected to the flasher ? Serious ?

    I told my voice to ask exact this and after that they said i'm in the wrong forum and this isn't a progskeet problem i shall ask in the downgrade irc but to this time i worked on the 2004A and don't wanted to downgrade this con i wanted to unbrick it.

    Anyway. I made a dump on the 2004B then and got everything excluding bootloader and ROS1 is missing 1MB or so. But main thing is i got a dump even on Win7 64 Bit with WinSkeet 40000_111020.

    Anyway i thought in first that the flasher have now bricked the new console too and desoldered everything. After that i read a comment from mushy on a other forum which enlighted me what exactly he meanted with the GND and NOR_TRISTATE.

    So i'm now doing the whole soldering again and will try mushy's suggestions cause for me it looks like he is the only one in scene that really have skills with ProgSkeet and is willing to help others.

    When i got a good dump out and successful downgraded the 2004B i let you all know.

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    cfwprophet Guest


    UPDATE: Mushy409 you are the Best !! +rep for ya

    The SB low (tristate with GND) worked fine for me. Now i have finally the bootloader of the new 2004B slim. Let's se if writting works, i let you know. Oh and i used the newesd WinSkeet with WinUSB on Win7 64 bit.

    When i have downgraded the con and finally can work again i will write a guid for all other users. It's a shame that the Team is not able to provide one single useful guide.

    ps. forgot to say that i have soldered the wire from gnd to tristate on the progskeet pcb not on the mainboard

    Also writing worked without any error

    Have made a dump after successfull write and got the same checksum as the downgrade.bin have. 100% correct flash.

    Used Win7 64 Bit WinSkeet 40000_111004 with libUSB0.

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    Abkarino Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tri View Post
    hi all, i can fix BADBLOK in second with my own PROGRAM, without changing your NAND !!! so please if any people here want to try ....upload your NAND image on sendspace i will help for you as best as i can.

    Note : Make sure you have Good dump for your both NAND, i will patch your NAND Image with 3.41 downgrade. so you can flash it and do downgrade process.

    Hello i have a NAND dump from a bad block nand so can you fix it for me pls
    btw: are you a tri_kado???


    Thank you so much

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    BLUECHIP Guest

  7. #117
    tri Guest
    this is your patch file http://www.sendspace.com/file/cu9elm

    Good Luck

    Btw : you know how to find me

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    wildchild Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kiki1234 View Post
    Ok i flashed a second Ps3 (Cok-002) and it worked fine. I have downgraded it. But it was the same procedure as on the first ps3. I only used the patchcos355. when i rescramble the nands into to two dumps flowrebuilder say that 42 blocks were edited.

    At the first (problem ps3 ) flowrebuilder say everytime 46 blocks were edited. How is that possible?
    Hi kiki1234, I'm using the the ProgSkeet V1.1, please I just wanted to know three things,

    1. What ProgSkeet Bitstreams do you use for NAND dumps?
    2. What version on WinSkeet and configurations is ideal for NAND dumps?
    3. Does you NAND 0 and NAND 1 pure dumps 132 MB each instead of 128 MB, but when UNSCRAMBLED and interleave become 256 MB?

    For I have done Everything "1patchcos", "1patchcos + 2patchtrvk", "1patchcos355" & "1patchcos355 + 2patchtrvk"...

    I need your Help....

  9. #119
    kiki1234 Guest
    Hey wildchild, i'm using the latest bitstreams and the latest winskeet version. If winskeet find the nand it will configurate itself. To answer nr. 3 i have to look tomorrow, because i'm not home yet. You will hear tomorrow from me.

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    wildchild Guest
    Thanks kiki1234, looking forward to your reply.

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