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Thread: PS3 3.6x Downgrade Tutorial (256Mb NAND Only)

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Any Progskeet guys want to help a brotha out with a downgrade?!

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    nino7050 Guest
    Hey everybody i have one question to downgrade from v4.0 OFW this tutorial work? Or 4.10?

    Anyone try it?

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    theinfinite Guest
    At mushy,

    1. When making your first dump, make 100% sure you have a good dump, make several to be safe and compare them with HxD. If you don’t have a good backup and erase your NANDs then you’re pretty much screwed... THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    2. Once you have your NAND flash dumps, use FlowRebuilder v. unscramble then interleave flashes into one unified dump. Let’s call the output file 256Mb.bin

    These 2 steps are unclear to me. I mean, how do I acquire this 256.bin and from where? Do I have to use either the 3.55 or 3.41 original firmware to create this 256.bin? Also, do I use all 3 of the patches in combination with this 256.bin? I don't understand. How do I even split up any of these firmwares before I patch them or is it after?

    Another thing is, do I have to extract my NAND from my fat PS3 in order to downgrade it into a retail? If so, how do I do that? It's impossible. Sorry, just being honest. BTW, your pics of your work are indeed very professional and clean. You are awesome at what you do sir, God Bless! You're definitely to go-to-guy for any downgrading, etc.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Flowrebuilder is a program you use to unscramble/rescramble NAND and NOR dumps - if you read the very first post it's attached as a file download.

    When you dump flash 0&1 you have 2 x 128Mb dumps - use Flowrebuilder to combine the 2 files into a 256Mb file. Once you have done that, you need to open the file with HxD (or ANY hex editor) and follow the guide about inserting the patch data (copy & paste) into your 256Mb file.

    Finally, once you've patched your 256Mb.bin - you de-interleave the file back into 2 x 128Mb files ready for programming back onto your NANDs.

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    theinfinite Guest
    Ok cool, but where do I get flash 0 & 1 from? These 2 things are not in the downloads.

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    kaindarkheart Guest
    Great guide i just did it and everything is working fine yeah!!

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    mushy409 Guest
    Some cheeky pics of my last Progskeet install. Textbook if I might say!

    theinfinite - You need a programmer to get flash0 & flash1 - progskeet, infectus, etc...

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    theinfinite Guest
    Whoa. Wow, very nice clear pics! I love this. Very interesting. I love your work sir. A true genius Ok, now, is this setup the same for the crystal blue edition of Progskeet version 1.1? Because I have the crystal blue edition Progskeet version 1.1 and the Infectus 2.

    Using these programmers, I can upload the 3.41 firmware or the 3.55 firmware and they'll be converted into the flash 0 and 1 bins that you're talking about, right? What's more effective, the solderless way or just soldering the wires? I guess I want the easier, quick way. At the same time, I don't want to mess anything up. Any advice?

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    mushy409 Guest
    Ok I'll try and explain a little more...

    The data you read from the 2 x NAND ics is the raw data the PS3 stores encrypted on the 2 flashes. When dumped, you should have a 128Mb file for each of the flash chips. These need to be combined using Flowrebuilder.exe (<- attached to first post) and you will end up with one 256Mb file. From there you use a hexeditor to patch the image (as explained in the guide).

    The update files are completely different - they should only be used on a USB stick to update your PS3 from the XMB or recovery menu.

    By the sounds of it, you'll be needing solderless... No messing around other than stripping your console down. I will warn you, this isn't for the novice as you can end up with a completely borked PS3...

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    theinfinite Guest
    Alright, cool. Thanks for letting me know the risks and dangers involved. Honestly, I'm not going to even bother with this because I just know I'll mess everything up.

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