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Thread: PS2Classics Guide on Converting ISOs to XMB PS2 Games

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    spewfr Guest

    Cool PS2Classics Guide on Converting ISOs to XMB PS2 Games

    This guide will explain how to install multiple PS2 games (ISO's needed) on the XMB). You only need the single RAP License key FILE NAME for each game your install (from the PS2CLassics tool, PS2U10000) No more selecting certain games from multiman, they all fit on the XMB!

    You only require:
    • PS2 Game ISO or BIN
    • PS2Classics Tools [GUI]:
    • Aldos tools (make_package_npdrm.exe This may also work with the psn_make_package_npdrm, but it must accept the package.conf)
    • PS2 Save tools (Only needed for converting your old PS2 savegames- you must be able to run uLaunchElf on your PS2)

    Or you can use a memory card adapter, then use the PSV tools listed below:

    - The SLUS/SLES/Root ID of your PS2 game i.e. SLUS-21490


    First off, you need to know your SLUS ID of your PS2 game. This can be found by either

    A) Mounting the ISO image and searching in the first directory for a file names SLUS-

    Extract and open up PS2CLassics GUI. CLick on the "Encrypt" tab and select your game ISO. To the right hand side of the window, select "Add LIMG sector." If a popup occurs, select YES. Then press Encrypt. If the program asks you to add bytes to the end of the ISO, select YES. Once completed, the GUI will ask you to save your new file; rename the file to ISO and save it in PS2U10000/USRDIR (Overwrite if needed - There should be a .edat in that folder as well)

    Now edit the name of the PS2U10000 directory - name it in this format; PS2U<SLUS/ID HERE> i.e. PS2U21490


    Within PS2UXXXXX > USRDIR, edit your PNG's and the SFO. Within the SFO, make sure to edit the Content ID from PS2U1000 to the same SLUS ID used before. i.e. PS2U21490

    For editing the PNG's, you can edit these files TO THE EXTENT of the IMAGE SIZE. Also, the name of the PNG must be kept the same; all caps.


    Make a new file called package.conf and save in the PS2Classics directory. Save the following within that file, editing only the <SLUS/ID HERE> with your SLUS ID:

    --- Copy below this line, do not include this line ---
    Content_ID = 2P0001-PS2U<SLUS/ID HERE>_00-0000111122223333
    K_licensee = 0xE4E54FD67C16C316F47829A30484D843
    DRMType = Free
    ContentType = GameExec
    PackageVersion = 00.99
    APP_VER = 1.01
    --- Do not copy this line ---

    Also, find make_package_npdrm.exe from aldos tools and copy to the PS2Classics directory. Then simply run CMD, CD to the PS2Classics directory, and type
    make_package_npdrm.exe package.conf PS2U<SLUS/ID HERE>
    Make sure you edit your SLUS ID, as always.

    Also, edit your .RAP FILENAME in exdata to match that of your SLUS ID i.e. 2P0001-PS2U<SLUS/ID HERE>_00-0000111122223333.rap

    Then install your RAP with reACTPSN. Now your package will be made, and you will have a new PS2Classic up and running

    I will edit this tutorial soon to cover gamesave conversion... Much love to the PS3 community.


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    appache777 Guest
    hi can someone explain to me why i keep losing the hdmi signial while playing?

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    spewfr Guest
    Oh yes, When does the signal drop occur?

    Your ISO may be not compatible with the Region Code version of the HDMI signal to the TV.

    i.e. You may have a PAL game on an NTSC PS3, or maybe your PS3 is NTSC and your TV is PAL; Both can be vice-versa.

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    karcsinator Guest
    I am currently having a problem converting my ISO's... I first started converting my dragon ball Z 3 iso and all went well! I used ps3 classics 1.3 and added the LIMG sector. I re checked the iso with ps2 Classics and shows the LIMG was patched.

    I then used version 1.4 of ps2 classics to convert The Getaway and Gran Turismo 4 with no luck! The encryption goes fine, I select yes to both options, and the LIMG stays unpatched after encyption... Any ideas or fixes? Cant seem to convert anymore than the 1 iso.

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    appache777 Guest
    but the game boots and i play until i interact with something plus i tried both pal version and ntsc.. the pal version losses signal while booting .. i live in canada and my tv its the playstation 3d display

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    spewfr Guest
    I suggest to both of you that you check the compatibility listings, a link can be found in he first post in the ps2classics GUI thread.

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    AdilAliraqe Guest
    ps2classics GUI

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    karcsinator Guest
    nvm I got it sorted, apparently they just bad dumps.. probably from multitasking.. redump and all is well

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    spewfr Guest
    *GASP* What on earth is THAT? -_-

    My method allows you to install multiple games, not use the manager.

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    karcsinator Guest
    its still good to have for the noobs, I was having issues converting from a different tutorial, but in his video the version of the program was higher than I had. also your guide is somewhat confusing...

    2P0001-PS2U<SLUS/ID HERE>_00-0000111122223333 is the "<slus/id here>" or "slus/idhere" and do you have to use react psn for each one you make?

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