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    Lol, that's the gui for the program you list in your guide.

    Just to be clear (and just pointing out, not criticizing), both your method and the one in the video create package files for installing games to be playable from XMB. That's what I did as well at first, until mM updated to 4.30 and allowed managing all titles from there alongside everything else.

    The mM method only requires you create the ISO.BIN.ENC, and not go the additional step of creating the package file. Whichever method you prefer is a personal decision; I want to load up my library and use the strengths of mM to manage everything without cluttering up my XMB with multiple titles. Either way thanks for contributing knowledge.

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    SLUS/ID is just a random number, if you want it to be. Just use the same 5 digit number each time.

    You're very welcome; I see it as a chance to use Game data switcher.

    And by the same number, I mean use the a single 5 digit code for one game; don't use the same ID for multiple games, it will overwrite.

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    so the rap file from the placeholder... is working for multiple games at once???

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    Different file names; same key.

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    I was able to play GT4 and Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis. In the beginning I was having a problem even starting the games, but then I realized that instead of using the actual PS2 ID of the game I should just rename the PS2 ID as PS2U10000

    Now I know there is a way to play different games without using the same ID, but I am too lazy for that right now. So If someone is having problems right now, then he should rename the title to PS210000 and it would hopefully work.

    I only had to using rap files once. Not twice, not thrice, just once. I do not know how to make Package, even with the PS3Tools, I forgot, so I just copy the game to a USB, and if the game's bigger than 4 GB, then I just use Multiman's PFS Toggle to NTFS and then copy the game to the directory.

    I can't believe Sony allowed PS2 playback only now! Keeping the information all to themselves! And charging for the PS2 games that we already payed for is not right! All they do is modify a few files and charge us 20 dollars. Way to go Sony...

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