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    xrinnenganx Guest
    is there one like this but for nand ps3's? this would be really helpful if it were for nands too. especially the diagram that labeled the progskeet and the points on the motherboard showing which wire to solder where!

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    yjamous Guest
    I'm unable to get the file It's SLOW downloading. I've high speed Internet.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I just checked it and it seems fine here, although not sure what you consider slow

  4. #14
    Proximus85 Guest
    nice share, thank you !

  5. #15
    Sostanco Guest
    really useful for ppl using this device! thx

  6. #16
    lupiale Guest
    do you have one for Dual Nand downgrades and progskeet v 1.0. i have found many different guides and they all say different things


  7. #17
    Naizian Guest
    ok, so I've done a lot of reading lately, and I think I've got my answers. Just need some correction if I'm wrong, I have an original CECHA01 60GB PS3. So I'll need a 360 clip for my NAND chip and a Teensy++. Am I correct on this? There is no E3 for the NAND, correct?

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    Orochisudo Guest
    I'm amazed at how much is on this forum. Truly amazing. I've yet to scrape the surface of the tutorials but so far I'm reading up on some great stuff.

  9. #19
    racer0018 Guest
    The teensy 2.0++ is another that works great for doing nor systems and they only carry a 25 dollar price tag instead of a 65-80 dollar like the progskeet. If someone would like a guide, i could type one up for that. thanks

  10. #20
    kesic Guest
    great !!

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