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Thread: [email protected] working! (but you can't play)

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    BlacksiteUK Guest
    i can confirm this is working for 2.20

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    dustinmyles Guest

    Smile Thank You Kamikaze!

    The following is and excerpt from page 2, posted by the clear-as-crystal, KAMIKAZE! Not only did he provide extremely concise instruction, but he also made a YouTube video of it! So NOO Excuses Anyone (I'm JOKING, man!); and on this page - page 3 - there are directions on how to find your IP if you don't know how to do this by now, anyway, without further adeux, here are the BEST and CLEAREST instructions posted as of yet:

    Arlight i got it installed and working... First You have to download these files:

    When finished with the downloading edit these files with notepad ...
    Just replace the off with on eg:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <product code="j1" xmb="on" />
    <product code="uc2" xmb="on" />
    <product code="cel" xmb="on" />
    <product code="kr2" xmb="on" />
    <product code="cek" xmb="on" />
    <product code="mx2" xmb="on" />
    <product code="au3" xmb="on" />
    <product code="e12" xmb="on" />
    <product code="tw1" xmb="on" />
    <product code="ru3" xmb="on" />
    <product code="cn9" xmb="on" />
    <product code="hk5" xmb="on" />
    Just copy paste that and well the other one is long so you have to do it yourself. when done with this ..... just overwrite your downloaded xml so that your title remains the same (Put it in your desktop so it would be easier )

    Download this on your desktop and keep it there. Now you have to download and install PS3 Proxy Server.

    After installing put your ip address in the ip address bar.. (to check your ip just go to the network connection file and double click the connection you are using (wireless or LAN) and then go to the support be)

    After inputting your ip address check the ps3mode thing then go to the Replace Files tab and click on the add button 3 times so you have 3 lines. On each line there is 2 boxes. Put the original link for each file in the left box, and put the link to the file on your computer in the right side box
    go back to the first tab and press start

    - Turn on your PS3
    - Go to settings then down to network settings
    - Go to Internet Connection Settings, pick yes when asked if you want to continue
    - Pick if you are wired or wireless, press right
    - Pick custom Address Settings, press right
    - Auto-Detect the operation mode of the network device, press right
    - Auto detect Ip Address Setting press right
    - Pick auto MTU, press right
    - Pick Proxy Use, press right
    - Enter the your computers ip address (the one you entered in Ps3 proxy server leave the port at 8080 Press Right
    - Pick UpNp enabled (doesn't matter much)
    - Confirm settings
    - Test the connection if its working then you got it right... restart your ps3 and then there will be Playstation Home icon in your XMB!


    Big ups (never used that b4!) to KAMIKAZE, for "dumbing it down"; I was about to post a guide and realized WOW! this man beat me to it, and in a VERY good way. I can confirm this works, and I MAY, repeat MAY have found a way in to the servers, I'm testing it on my and some other people's PS3's for confirmation and will post pending anything worth a damn happens... again EVERYONE should thank KAMIKAZE for this guide, I couldn't have done it better myself.

    If ANYONE is stuck, post and I'll do my best to get you guys up to speed.

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    beefmanbeefer Guest
    Not having any luck getting home to crash by changing to

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    yanivjam Guest
    Wonderful working 100% here!

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    chidesd Guest
    what do I put on the third line of the PS proxy server.gui?

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    beefmanbeefer Guest
    Did have luck with Proxomitron to create a bug report. I created a rule to redirect all traffic from * to and it worked. Home crashed and created a bug report.

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    dustinmyles Guest

    re: CHIDESD

    Quote Originally Posted by chidesd View Post
    what do I put on the third line of the PS proxy server.gui?
    The original link to the PKG file in the left box; and the file's location on your PC in the right box!

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    weeoweeo Guest
    Is there any way to get the Home icon off the XMB afterwards?

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    enyxer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by weeoweeo View Post
    Is there any way to get the Home icon off the XMB afterwards?
    Really good question... It could be removed after the install ?

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    gpiteira Guest
    Yes... just click "triangle" and then "remove"... plain and simple!!

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