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    Quote Originally Posted by kinezu View Post
    Guys, this is for the Private or for the Public BETA?
    I think its open beta right?

    But anyway, I couldnt help but notice at the end of the.pkg file, it has an "e", is this the US one or the european one? I dont wanna mess up my system by installing the european one then finding out I cant play it because I have a US system or some other conflict.

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    yea got it to work and i was just thinking wasn't home just updated so if you could find the update pkg then could that not lead to it working ?

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    Right okay guys this is working fine.

    Basically what you need to do is get your computers IP address and add it to your PS3 internet connection seetings. Select the proxy option when setting up your internet connection on your PS3.

    To find your IP address for your PC:

    Click Start and then Run, in the run window type cmd and press senter this will open cmd. Once cmd has opened type: ipconfig /all

    This will display your PCs netwrok information. Where it says IP Address: that string of numbers is your IP address.

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    Ok. I've made some progress.

    To freeze your console, and get a bug error you must: in PS3.ProxyServer add (a left) and replace it on anything else, like ex. When Home will trying connect to the servers it will crash.

    PS i found some interesting link:
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    DSC00262.JPG   DSC00263.JPG  

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    So why can't i get 3 lines on ps3proxy app?

    I click on add and nothing happens.

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    I can't get home to work, I have installed it fine and im going through the splash screen, when trying to connect i am getting do not have access to the servers error message

    i am using firmware 2.20

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    I managed to solve my problem, now i don't see any Home icon on my XMB... or it should appear somewhere else?

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    Thats because the Home servers for you are not authorized yet. Have to wait for the open beta or full release. This just gives us a chance to have the program early. I like the poster talking about trying to see if the closed beta home would work the same way if we can find the package for that one. Maybe that would allow us in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtianoPL View Post
    To freeze your console, and get a bug error you must: in PS3.ProxyServer add (a left) and replace it on anything else, like ex.
    i have firm 2.20, ps3proxy don't change with replaced file or link :-(

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    You know this isn't V1.0 don't you? If you look at the error report its just V0.8.3 which is the current closed beta version right? Surely they'll release a new package for the live/open beta version?

    The key to getting this working would be to spoof the credentials sent by the Home app to the server into thinking you were another PSN user with access... but I'm sure that account would get banned as soon as multiple logon was detected.


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