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    Kayoda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Amish Gramish View Post
    I'll just throw something out there: The pkg file for Home probably has to be hacked into to make it so you can go into Home. There might be a way to make the client not look for Sony's approval, but I don't see that happening with a simple XML "document."

    Also, Home comes as one download (probably just the apartment), and then you have the option of downloading everything else so things will load faster, or at least if you don't want them, you don't need to wait that extra time downloading them instead of going into Home and so it will save space.
    That's why I think Alex's Home data is over 700 megs when all we get are 192, 199, and 225 MB files.

    And just to let everyone know, there is NO WAY (that I have found in the hours of scourging the internet) to make this work on Linux.
    I think to get this to work if we had a FTP client that might work.

    port scan

    i'm sure we all know that port 21 is used as an ftp protocol
    if you resolve the host name it gives you 3 ip addresses..... all are different ftp servers

    type cmd in run
    then type "ping a0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net"
    run port scanner on all three ip addresses
    you will also see that port 21 is the only port open
    using an ftp client log into the address and you will see you are promted by a user name and password dialouge box

    If we could use alex user name and password it just might work what do you guys think?

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    alexg13 Guest
    Okay Sorry I was away for a while, My Name is Alex (not short for alexis)

    Okay, The download for Home is the apartment and when you enter the other areas you download them and they get updated then there is an update, I cannot give you my email address due to forum rules and also Sony could cancel my Home for breaking NDA using it.

    When you get the Home beta from Sony you have to wait some time for them to grant your account access otherwise you can't get on.

    Wireshark was a fail as it had too much data and I am sure each update Home is getting more secure from non beta testers.

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    Stang0005 Guest
    Guys I have just found your thread and may be of help. I am a Home Beta Tester but never have had the link to download show up in my PSN store. With that said I am not sure if there is a way that it ties into your user id or what but let me know what I can do to help as well.

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    Gunner54 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by alexg13 View Post
    Wireshark was a fail as it had too much data and I am sure each update Home is getting more secure from non beta testers.
    Alex would you be able to post the LATEST Home Download URL? like when you first install home, the download URL of the pkg file.

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    Stang0005 Guest
    Yes, I have called Sony and spoken to several different people I received the invite back in, I think July, via email but did not have my PS3 at the time until Christmas. I bought one when they first came out and sold it to a buddy of mine. It also shows up on my name in the PS forums as a home beta tester. This has happened to several others as well.

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    Amish Gramish Guest
    Because I slept through my alarm and wasn't able to go to the protests on Scientology, it looks like I'll work on here for a little bit. Looking at the DATA.XML file, does anyone know what these files are?


    They are both listed at "true" and EBOOT.BAR(or PBP) is listed as "false" I'm going to mess around with DATA.XML for a while, and I'll reupload the 192 MB file (as two parts, not three) and possibly other files (such as NPBOOT.BAR and DYNFILES.BAR) later today or tomorrow.

    EDIT: Just something interesting, it looks like PlayStation(r)Home has to have completely new information set up for each different game that is started from Home. I found Warhawk and MotorStorm information, but I'm going to keep looking. It looks like Home won't be around until this summer. (I mean the complete, public, not beta, release)

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    Kayoda Guest
    I know this is gonna sound crazy lol but is there anyway we could combind the Data.xml for 0.8.6 and the pkg togather is that possisable sorry about spelling thats just a thought.

    It may not get us past the Update but we could give it ago if it is possisable.

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    alexg13 Guest
    Sorry I keep missing this thread, I have posted the most recent Home DL they don't include updates...

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    Amish Gramish Guest
    Shalom everyone! After reviewing the information that Home v0.8.3 sends, I've found something that will affect this thread, either in a good way, or a bad way.

    What this is, is when the PS3 tries to contact a0.ww.np.dl.playstation.net:443, it sends and receives this thing called: "Client Key Exchange, Change Cipher Spec, Encrypted Handshake"

    What this means is the PS3 is contacting Sony's servers, at, and if we can somehow get Alex's information, or if we can get into the PS3 or somehow get the PS3 to send it the correct information, or if we can figure out some way to decrypt the "handshake" and get through the update phase, then we can actually get Home working.

    All we have to do to Sony's servers or the PS3 is fool their servers to either think that we have the latest firmware and that we are beta users!

    I don't know much about computers or game consoles/fooling a program to think we have a different firmware, but if anyone does, please say so!

    What I basically said was the only way we can access Home probably would be by fooling Sony's servers to think that we have FW v0.8.6, while we actually have FW v0.8.3.

    What happens when you try to access Home/get onto the servers is the PS3 talks with Sony's servers and it sends and receives encrypted information that is called: "Client Key Exchange, Change Cipher Spec, Encrypted Handshake" so, there isn't much of a chance of us getting Home working.

    On the other hand, I think I know how to bypass that pesky thing that makes you update your PS3 (e.g. firmware updates, for those who don't know what I'm talking about) and I know how to put whatever you want up in the Information Board, but I think other people have already found that out.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    FYI as it's done via SSL, the keys would be required... which isn't going to happen anytime soon. Nice idea, but not feasible unfortunately. Not trying to pee in your Cheerios (feel free to continue in this direction on your own if you wish), but just reporting what the resident PS3 Devs had to say on this.

    It's nice to see users actively trying things, but I just don't want this discussion to lead on a path that is already a known dead end to people 'in the know'.

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