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    Home Crash

    Confirmed not working with 2.16 firmware, confirmed working 2.20 firmware.

    I was able to get Home to crash, i pressed connect, then while it was trying to connect, i pressed the PS button, pressed quit game, it said waiting then finally the ps3 beeped twice and crashed/rebooted.

    Here's video of me getting home beta to crash:

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    Quote Originally Posted by beefmanbeefer View Post
    Here's video of me getting home beta to crash:
    I added this to the Site News update- Thanks!

    Also, please do not post asking for better instructions guys... it has already been requested above, and when those who get it working have time they will (obviously) post more specific, detailed information here on how they did it. We don't need 50 posts re-requesting this folks.

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    Like a charm! Thank you

    Nice find!

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    But also we have to change PS3's internet settings with the proxy server, right? : 80

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    The IP is whatever you set it to. It doesn't have to be the one he used. you need to set ur PC and PS3 to a static IP and just whack them in.

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    It seems to try and load a save file at the beginning of booting up Home. I think that might be what it checks for to allow us access. Maybe if we can get a copy of that save file we can get on home?

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    i cant even follow ur link it says insert storage media.. is there a way around that?

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    Ahhh thanks worked perfectly. I have yet to start it up though, I'll post back if i get anywhere.

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    I dont get it, ive done everything what you explained, ive replaced the 3 original links for the files (the 2 xml files and the pkg file) stored on my pc but when i restard my ps3 i dont see a Home icon or what so ever.

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    A few issues: the program will only accept as an ip address, all others give me an error.

    Do i leave my ps3 ip address the same?


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