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    Hackmysack Guest
    what i did was download it the way it is posted in the link originally however i deleted it and downloaded it again after taking the pkg off of the proxy list to see if it would download and install and it did what this proves is that the xml's help spoof psn into thinking you have rights to home beta so you can see logo and download.

    however my theory is that this "spoof" is not valid for the send and respond when booting the game so it may be a case of a 3rd xml that says for example (server access to home beta yes/no) hmm im not sure like i said this is only my theory maby if there was away of getting the parcel's sent from home to your ps3 and back we could see why we dont have access and spoof it ahh well im tired night all and good luck.

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    zeychin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by skrapps View Post
    hmm, think it could be the country select xml file? maybe we only have to have 1 (the country we live in) selected?
    Tried that. To no avail.

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    phantommizzi Guest
    I need help.. every time I press start I get a pop-up thats says "Value cannot be null" I have done everything that I was told to do!

    Will somebody please help me?

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    jchevier Guest
    When I'm at the screen that says "home beta, Press X to connect", at the bottom it says:

    V0.8.3 (Data: 0.8.3)

    Is the data.xml another file we have to reconfigure to trick it into letting us into the servers?

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    jgdsl21 Guest
    ok I was trying to log in home and I kept trying over and over agian and kept getting the I don't have permision to access the servers error then all the sudden when I clicked it again it took like a min in the connecting screen and then I got a new error I have no idea if it will help but it saids


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    skrapps Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jchevier View Post
    When I'm at the screen that says "home beta, Press X to connect", at the bottom it says:

    V0.8.3 (Data: 0.8.3)

    Is the data.xml another file we have to reconfigure to trick it into letting us into the servers?
    I saw that and was wondering the same thing, but how can we get a hold of the data.xml? anyone know?

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    CrazyJetWolv Guest


    rda990 is using a version he downloaded on 21/02/08, look at the date in his games list.

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    effy Guest
    ok I have everything correct. Do i need to have my PS3 ip the same as my pc ip? or have it automatic and just use the pc ip as the static ip? or should i do a manual ip for the ps3 ?

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    undacovabrothe Guest
    @effy they said you dont need to change your ip address of your ps3 just make the proxy the same ip as you pc with port 8080. And besides you cant have 2 ip adresses the same so im sure if you tried it didnt work out anyway..

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    effy Guest


    ok, idk if im doing something wrong or what. but heres what I got. i set everything to "on" in the xml files from "off". In the proxy program i put my PC's IP addres 192.168.1.xxx NO 0s at all (it is a static ip)

    I checked ps3 mode, I have my 3 bars:

    1st bar: http://select.ww.home.playstation.ne...uct-select.xml| (Product XML file on pc)

    2nd Bar: http://select.ww.home.playstation.ne...try-select.xml| (Country XML file on pc)

    3rd Bar: http://pkg.ww.home.playstation.net/h...00000001-E.pkg| (PKG file on pc)

    Then clicked start.

    On my PS3, I set auto on everything except proxy and UPnP wich i put in for proxy as 192.168.1.xxx (NO 0s) and for Upnp I turned it on(says it doesnt matter but i did it anyway)

    when i test my settings everything is fine but my NAT is at Type 2, I turn ps3 off. turn it back on. and everything loads. but no Home icon under Account managment.

    what am i doing wrong?

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