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Thread: [email protected] working! (but you can't play)

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    jafferman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jgdsl21 View Post
    ok I got the "I do not have access to these severs" error so has anyone found out how to get past this part? thanks
    thats where i got to also, hoping someone figures a way past that now.

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    undacovabrothe Guest
    I have a question for rda990: does Home show up in your recent download history? and for the people who cant get it to work can you guys also check.

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    zeychin Guest
    I think this guy is a fake. Screen at 3:02 says that the "HOME" installed in his "GAMES" directory was dated 2/21/2008. Fooled some people, though.

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    sev1512 Guest

    RDA990 is a liar

    Dont believe this RDA990 guy. he has pulled this crap before. Supposedly he just did this "log into home" thingy today, right? Well then how did he do it back in Feb also?

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    MadBow Guest
    Maybe if you changed were it says "version 1.0" when you change everything to "on" on the short list? Its an idea.

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    KoRn KidM90 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zeychin View Post
    I think this guy is a fake. Screen at 3:02 says that the "HOME" installed in his "GAMES" directory was dated 2/21/2008. Fooled some people, though.
    no its not fake... i installed the home in my games folder as well... it was from a past way that people thought could work but didnt.... for me it didnt effect the home application at all... it still doesnt work for me.

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    Jonny202003 Guest
    What if you were to just replace the xml files only? And not the pkg?

    could you download it directly from the server?

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    Apr 2005
    The resident PS3 Dev who was investigating this had to leave for the night, but he stated the spoof worked for him but there was no "home icon" and he'd play more tomorrow with it.

    At the moment CJPC is attempting the decrypt the SELF... at the moment he's only getting an error LOL:
    SCE_NP_DRM_ERROR_NO_ENTITLEMENT 0x80029513 No access rights to NPDRM file
    I will post more if he gets anywhere with it though.

    PS: Kiddies, do not post obscene language here... your posts will be removed and accounts revoked without warning.

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    Hackmysack Guest
    hmmm I wanna find out if he is bs'ing.. if he is a beta tester he is in breech of the EULA which "keep the contents of the Trials confidential as between you and us and not discuss them with anyone beyond your close friends and family and other Trialists. In particular, neither you nor your friends and family shall discuss them with anyone linked to a competing format and/or any news and/or information services or on any chat-line (whether on television or radio, in newspaper or magazines, or via the Internet or any other medium)." report it and see if he crys

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    harbinger879 Guest
    BTW; if you login to home you can see the notes that say that version .8.6 is releasing 2morrow (Tuesday). Which is what the download it. My best guesstimate is that the DL may be a release candidate for 1.0, which would explain why it's real version number is .8.6.

    This is not likely to be the last bug fix if you ask me, I already saw some issues, this IS NOT VERSION 1.0.

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