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Thread: Obtaining Official / Retail PKG Files Guide

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    JeoWay Guest

    Post Obtaining Official / Retail PKG Files Guide

    In order to do this, you will need the following (Also works with PS Vita):

    -A Computer
    -Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
    -A wireless router that both the PlayStation and Computer can connect to
    -Charles Proxy [You will need to obtain it from the site itself]
    -A PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita


    1. Make sure the PlayStation and Computer are connected to the same rounter / Network
    2. Install Charles
    3. Load up Charles
    4. Enable the PlayStation's Proxy [Settings>Network Settings>Custom>Proxy>Use]
    5. Now, enter the Address [Found in the help section of the Program under the IP]
    6. Type the port into the PlayStation [8888]

    Your proxy is now setup and ready to use!


    1. Sign into the PlayStation Network
    2. Find the game [Must purchase, or have already purchased] you want the PKG File to
    3. Once you find it, simply press the download button
    4. On the Charles Proxy Tree, a folder should appear with something like "zeus.dl"
    5. Extend the Folder Tree and find the file (Most like a bunch of random letters and numbers)
    6. Right click on the PKG File
    7. Press "Copy URL"
    8. Paste the URL in your browser of choice
    9. The PKG File should start downloading within your browser once link is entered
    10. Now check your downloads folder for your Official PKG File!

    NOTE: This will also work for obtaining PS Vita Firmware, PS3 Firmwares, PSP Firmwares, etc. This tutorial also allows you too manually install firmwares to the PS Vita and PS3!

    Anyway, props to the creator of such an awesome proxy!

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    Treychik Guest
    Thanks for the instruction. I'll test this instruction soon enough

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    niwakun Guest
    Charles is good but PS3 Proxy Server is better and its free

    basically you just run the proxy server and set the listening port and check the PS3 on check box and click start.

    on ps3 you can just go setup a proxy server on network connection with the ip address of the computer who had proxy server running and the listening port

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    Midnitetoker484 Guest
    Is for cfw or ofw?

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    shummyr Guest
    thanks for the guide, I shall try this when I get home from work...

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    JeoWay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Midnitetoker484 View Post
    Is for cfw or ofw?
    It works for both CFW and OFW. It basically allows you to download the PSN PKG file to your computer rather than ps3

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    JeoWay Guest
    Charles is free as well. Just click on the trial version. It never expires either. It just closes every 30 minutes of use. But thats fine for me, it shouldn't take half an hour to get the URL to the pkg file

    I am not a huge fan of the PS3 Proxy Server.

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    dyceast Guest
    Goodstuff man, I've already known how to do this, but maybe you could put up a bit more info for say newbies. Or change title to Obtaining Official / Retail PKG Files from your OFW PS3 Account

    First reading this I thought this was a way you could grab official links without actually owning them

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    JeoWay Guest
    Technically you can if you get your friends to do it and give you the PKG

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    joetex72 Guest
    How can you block URLs with this? Say I want to block, how would it be done in Charles?

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