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Thread: Install Cygwin and PS3 Tools on Windows Tutorial

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    Jashun Guest

    Install Cygwin and PS3 Tools on Windows Tutorial

    Hey, This is not really new but i want to show you guys "how you can use cygwin on windows machine".

    With this method you can use many comands like PS3Tools by Aldostools does. Sure you can use PS3Tools and its easier but i show you this way for pplz they want use it with commands and want know how the tools/cygwin works.

    What you need:

    Cygwin >
    Tools >!U5l1BKxT!LHqrUg...RPUYDL8URQkDJY
    Keys >!4kk2SYhI!I51isD...NC-fxzF6zj92aU

    Cygwin installation:
    1 - Start the setup-x86_64 or setup-x86 of Cygwin
    2 - Click > next
    3 - Choose "Install from Internet" > next
    4 - makes the installation path to C:/cygwin/ > select All Users > next
    5 - as path from left > next
    6 - Select connect directly > next
    7 - takes any server from the list, one or the other may be faster or slower. (He only short Loading the installation files down) > next
    8 - if a popup opens, click OK to confirm
    9 - in another step you can also download additional packages, but are not necessary for our projects > next
    10 - the installation will proceed
    11 - now you can choose shortcuts, Selects what you need > next > done
    11.1 - IMPORTANT: Start cygwin 1 time and the program created in C:/cygwin/home/XXX/ A folder with the name you've specified as the user name on your Windows.

    PS3 Tools installation:
    1 - Extract the PS3 Tools somewhere where you want
    2 - Put the unpacked files to the folder C:/cygwin/bin/
    3 - Now Starts Cygwin. The program takes some adjustment
    4 - Once is done, you can close the program
    5 - Now you open an FTP program (Flash FXP, Total Commander or whatever you also have)
    6 - Move to C:/cygwin/home/XXX/ directory (XXX is your computer username) and create a new folder called .PS3
    6.1 - VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget the . in front of the .PS3, for me (on Win7) works only via FTP to creat it
    7 - Unzip now the PS3 Keys from .ps3.rar and copy all the files in the folder .PS3 directory. Once you've done that, you completely finished with the installation

    PS3 Tools Commands:
    makeself: Converts .ELF files to .SELF
    makepkg: creating .pkg files
    norunpack: Unpack the files in the NOR dump
    pupunpack: Checked .PUP HMACs
    puppack: Creating .PUP files
    self read: Reads the information of a self file
    sceverify: Checks the SCE binaries
    unself: Converts fselfs back to elfs
    unpkg: unpacked & decrypted the .pkg files

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    msteffes Guest
    thanks for this wealth of information was very helpful

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