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Thread: How to use your PS3 SIXAXIS Controller as a Mouse

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    Post How to use your PS3 SIXAXIS Controller as a Mouse

    Welcome to my tutorial on using your PS3 SIXAXIS controller as a mouse and hockey pad.

    Note: This assumes your PC already detects the controller and works. This was tested using WinXP SP2

    Wanna use you PS3 controller as a mouse? Want the paddles to move the mouse? Wann to press the "PS" button and your start menu pops up? Well it's very easy to do.

    1) Have your controller plugged in and detected by Windows.

    2) Download Joystick 2 Mouse 3.0 (

    3) Install Joy2Mouse3.exe

    4) Launch Joystick 2 Mouse 3.0

    Now you have the software installed to use the controller. You will now need to configure it to detect the SIXAXIS unit:

    1) Under Joysticks - Profile Assignments, make sure Microsoft PC-joystick driver is selected.

    2) Click on the Profiles tab. Go under the Joystick drop down and pick Microsoft PC-joystick again.

    3) Apply.

    How to set up the keys and other info:

    For mouse movement, click Actions tab and then clcik save, then apply. The right joystick toggle will be the mouse. Play around with Speed and Acceleration to change the mouse movement speeds.

    To make pressing down on the right toggle to click things. Go under Profiles Tab, Actions Assignment, Button 2: no shift, theme: mouse, action: left mouse button.

    To make the PS button toggle star menu, pick button 17, no shift, theme: win operations, action: start menu.

    You can play around and add actions to all the buttons. Here is each button number and it's relationship to the controller.

    Button 1: Select
    Button 2: Click Left Toggle (L3)
    Button 3: Click Right Toggle (R3)
    Button 4: Start
    Button 5: (D-Pad) Up
    Button 6: (D-Pad) Right
    Button 7: (D-Pad) Down
    Button 8: (D-Pad) Left
    Button 9: L2
    Button 10: R2
    Button 11: L1
    Button 12: R1
    Button 13: (/\)
    Button 14: (O)
    Button 15: (X)
    Button 16: ([])
    Button 17: (PS)
    Button 18: (These show up but don't work. I think they might be the SIXAXIS function).


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    jevolution Guest
    do you happen to know if this could also work with the ps3 remote? and in linux perhaps? been doing some research for a project that i'm working on...but haven't been coming up with much.

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    DarkArchon Guest
    Nice tute ps3news, just with joytomouse, there is a program called joytokey which also works quite well for mapping keyboard keys to the sixaxis. You can even map mouse movement aswell using this (just for those that dont know).


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    jevolution Guest
    thx... i'll try it out, i've came across another option as well, if it works, i'll be sure to post.

    hey just wanted to let you guys know that i had no luck getting it to work. That said, it does not mean that it definitively does not work though. It'll just take some more fiddling i guess. Maybe after some slp i'll have some better luck. What i was trying is located over here:

    For my purposes i specifically need a linux solution that would allow mouse control.
    Anyway, i'll see what I can come up with tmr and report back again.

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