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    How to Use an XBox 360 NAND Reader to JailBreak Your PS3

    How to Use an XBox 360 NAND Reader to JailBreak Your PS3

    I modified the original tutorial from Looouky to make this one 100% NOOB-Friendly!

    Step 1: Download the compiled USB SPI hex code.

    Step 2: Install the Microchip USB package. After you have it installed, you should have a menu created something like: MicroChip ->MCHPFSUSB v1.3 in your windows menu bar. Please also remember the install location of this package, as you need to install drivers later. Reboot your machine.

    Now, open the TIAO 360 USB SPI interface package, use the jumper to short the BL pins as shown below:

    Then, connect it to your PC using a mini USB cable. You will see the PWR light is on, and you should also hear a beep from you pc indicating a new hardware is found. If you have already installed the microchip driver, then please skip to Step 3.

    Follow the steps to install the driver:

    A window will open, choose Install from a specific location. Click Browse. Browse to the package you downloaded, and expand MCHPFSUSB, then expand PC and then expand MCHPUSB Driver, click on the Release folder and press OK. Then press next and done, you installed the driver.

    Step 3: Open PDFSUSB.exe to load the firmware to PIC. Select your NAND Reader. Press on Load hex file, and browse to the hex file I uploaded, and press Program Device. You have successfully programmed your device.

    Step 4: Remove the jumper from your NAND Reader, and your ready!

    Step 5: Plug it into your PS3 through the mini-USB cable.. TADA!
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    Nice guide luckluka, I will link to it in our PS3 Hacks Sticky thread and +Rep to you!

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    i just tried it on a usb spi that didn't have TAIO on it ( i managed to pull it off flawlessly.

    all i did was program the PIC FLASH.hex to the usb spi from the driver & app cd, then load the USB SPI.hex and flash over the original pic flash.hex. when the pop up asked, i clicked cancel & used current settings.

    it worked like a charm, now i'm off to psgroove with the rest of the gang.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but congratulations imtoodvs! glad i could help

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    congrats too imtoodvs, and nice guide.

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    Fantastic Tut man worked perfectly except i got an error in step 3 when i hit program it did it's thing and then said it failed... no big deal though as it still worked to jailbreak my ps3. thanks.

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    Is there anyway to know if it will work before hand ? I have programed it but how do you tell if I have done it properly ?

    before I attempt it and am stuck ?

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    Can you help me with that I mean the programming part?

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    I don't get what it does exactly? Could I do this with my PS3 Super Slim? Its on 4.41 OFW. I would also have to go and buy a USED xbox 360 WHITE.

    I just don't want to buy one to support MS. I hate them

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