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Thread: How to Use an XBox 360 NAND Reader to JailBreak Your PS3

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    gfox000 Guest
    I don't want to be a bother but, could you explain step 3 to me a little more detailed. I get everything else but, what do you mean by load firmware to PIC. Is this firmware any thats available to download or is it a specific kind. I am not good at programming but, everything else is perfectly clear thx.

    I'm on the same ofw, but my slim is'nt hackable. Check the back of the ps3, I have a cech-400. If its this then I don't think its any use to try at it and I don't microsoft gets paid for the tool.

    keep in mind that I haven't got it yet this is just a suggestion, the firmware is stored in the nand if you flash it you can rewrite with another firmware like say Rogero cfw.. at least this is what I know I might be wrong But, its fact to me till proved wrong.

    Hey could you help me, I'm stuck on step 3 and luka isn't responding not his fault old thread but when it says load firmware to pic what is pic and what firmware is he talking about thx

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    psnnemesis Guest
    i am on 4.41ofw with day 1 6ogb ps3 can i use this to downgrade and jailbreak my ps3 or am i better using progskeet 1.2?

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    gfox000 Guest
    Yeah I was wondering about this, since you boot the firmware from the NAND reader Idk if you can update it to another. it would eaither erase the firmware on the reader or the one in the ps3s nand. But, you never know if you don't try just don't brick your ps3.

    If you boot a 3.55 cfw maybe just maybe you can upgrade to a rogero cfw like 4.40 and maybe it will erase the the 4.41 ofw and replace it with rogero, but, i aint know nothin so might wanna ask anotha guy.

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    alex22808 Guest
    im kind of new around here, so just wondering what models this tutorial is compatible with?

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    laika2 Guest
    Hi, with this you can make a downgrade from 4.7 to 3.55 and install a custom firmware directly?

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