- A PS3
- A USB cord
- A Wireless Internet connection

Note: If they're not up to date, you will need to update your PSP and/or PS3.

1) Go on your PSP go on System Settings > Network Settings > Infrastructure Mood > New Connection > Enter Mannually

2) Then type in the SSID (simply the name of the connection) You will need the same SSID for both the PSP & PS3, type in a choice for the WLAN security system, then you save the connection (you may want to test the connection).

3) Hook up your PS3 and PSP with a USB cable.

4) You will now go on your PS3 go under System Settings, Remote Play Settings, then go on Register Device (Ensure your PSP is connected to your PS3!)

5) After you registered the PSP, you will now go on Remote Play via PSP/PS3.

6) Enter the PlayStation Network on your PSP and you're all set!