Here is how to set up PS3 Remote Play, so that it should be accessable from just about any Wifi Internet connection!

Before you get your hopes up too much, I need to say that this did work for me, but some people may have problems if their router does not support IP forwarding.

To follow this guide, you will need:

- 1 PS3
- 1 PSP
- 1 PC
- 1 Wifi Router w/ IP forwarding
- 1 Wifi To Ethernet Game Adaptor

OK, lets get started!

1. Power on your PS3 and PSP.
2. Set up remote play as usual (if you have trouble, please examine the PS3 manual), when it is finished, go to Remote Play settings on your PS3 and choose "Custom Connection Settings".

Take note of the SSID, and then change the WPA Key to "12345678".

3. On your Wifi to Ethernet game adaptor, set the target SSID and WPA settings to that of the PS3, and connect it to your router via Ethernet cable.

4. In your router settings, choose to forward the router's internet connection to the IP address of the game adaptor.

5. Run remote play on your PS3. Now, basicly you have a Remote play server, which can be accessed by any PSP in the world that knows your WPA key! On to the final part.

6. On your PSP, go to the Network section and choose Remote Play, it will ask you to choose a connection, move the highlight bar down to "PLAYSTATION(R)3" and press the triangle button, choose edit.

7. Next you will be presented with the "WLAN Settings" screen. Choose "Enter Manually" and enter your router's SSID.

8. Now you are asked for the security type. Leave this as it is and continue to the "WPA Key" screen, where you enter the same numbers as you did on your PS3 "12345678".

9. At the next screen, select "Easy" under "Address Settings". Now, you will be given the option to change your connection name, followed by a summary of your settings. Continue and press "X" to finish.

10. Choose the freshly edited connection, and you should be connected straight to your PS3!!!

Finally, enjoy all your videos and music!