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Thread: How to use PS3 Proxy Server Guide

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    Post How to use PS3 Proxy Server Guide

    First download PS3 ProxyServer (

    Note that you need .NET Framework 1.1.4322 (

    After installed, go to directory where you did install it and run it. You will see following screen:

    Then fire up your PS3 and go to: [Settings] -> [Network Settings]

    Select [Internet Connection Settings]

    Now it will ask you to select a setting method. Pick Custom, and ignore the questions and go all way to the Proxy question. Select: Use.

    Now put in same IP Address as you did in PS3Proxy and remember to put same port too!. After this press OK and try to connect back PSN.

    You should now see text on Logs section back at PS3Proxy program. Now PS3Proxy is set up and working!

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    holla060889 Guest
    Thank you for your help

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    maeurd Guest
    So we can once again download demos on our pc's onto our PS3's?

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    maeurd Guest
    Does this work with the newest firmware?

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    nbdss Guest
    thanks man, very useful!

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    austindriver13 Guest


    awesome guide, thanks for your help

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    tontorronazo Guest
    thanks for your help.

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    gohz Guest
    this is what i'm looking for ^^

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    FrontierNG Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by maeurd View Post
    Does this work with the newest firmware?
    Tried it with v2.53 and it doesn't for me

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    sopadurso Guest
    I have the version 2.53 and it dosent work it appears the same error, i read the Thread so i know tha the proxy only works on older versions. I wanna know if any1 is trying to resolve the problem or the topic is already forgot.

    I did the same but instead of using folding or the PS store i used the Home. Before i coudnt even download cuz it appear the 800023300 error now i download and when i try to instal it appear 8002AE22. For the first one there is no solution but maybe for the second u can help me.

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