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Thread: How to use PS3 Game Saves

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    Post How to use PS3 Game Saves

    First off, download the PS3 gamesave onto your desktop, and transfer the "PS3" folder from your computer to your memory device.

    Then plug the USB Key into your PS3 USB Port

    Then go under the "Game" section on the PS3 Dashboard and go down until you see "saved Data Utility"

    Click "X" and you should see "USB Device" or "Memory Card" or something to that effect. Click on that.

    You should then see the gamesave! Like Resistance was on here! Press "Triangle" on your PS3
    Controller and click Copy!

    Then you have the save on your Playstation 3 Hard drive !

    Alternate Quickstart Guide:

    After you have downloaded a PlayStation 3 Game Save to your computer, it is very easy to transfer to your PlayStation 3 Console!

    - Insert a memory card, or usb key into your computer.
    - Transfer the /PS3 folder from your computer to your memory device.
    - Take the memory device and insert it into your PS3.
    - Go to the Saved Data Utility folder under the Game menu
    - Hit the X button.
    - You should see your old game saves and the memory device.
    - Select your memory device and hit the X button.
    - Now you will see the game save from your memory device.
    - Hit the Triangle button and select copy.

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    spazburger79 Guest

    ps3 saves

    Can you please help every time I use someone else save on my ps3 it keeps coming up "this is someone else save and can not be used" any help in on this matter will be much appreciated.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Create your own savegame copy everything from the other savedata which you downloaded over yours, except the PARAM.SFO, that's it !

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