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    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide

    Happy new year community

    Today i want to explain to you how to use E.A.G.L.E. Eagle is mixed up with german and english language and i got some request's to help them and write a tut, so i'll do so. Let us stop talking arround and just get started:

    Click on DATEI/NEU/BOARD to open a new board file.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-1-png


    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-2-png

    For ANZEIGE choose EIN and for DARSTELLUNG choose PUNKTE then hit OK

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-3-png

    Now we can start to add our components we need. On the left option panel click on Add

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0001-png


    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0002-png

    Now you can start to search for the component you need. On this pic we search for a resistor with the buildart 0603. The numbers indicate the size and form of the component you want to place on your layout.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0003-png

    Do not use the name of the component to search like PIC18F2550. You won't find one. Instead search in the library Modchip and search for buildart. In our case SO28. SO for SOIC which indicates a smd component and 28 for the pinout the chip have. When you place the part you can turn it with a right click on the mouse

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0004-png

    After you have placed all components you need you can start to draw the lines or paths. If you need a smaller grid to be able to correct connect the lines just change it to what you need. In this case we use 0,025.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0005-png

    Again on the left option panel choose WIRE and on the top option panel change the wire and here color to top from the drop down menu (this will be important a few steps later). With right click you can jump between the art's of the wire. Just try it out and play around with the wire for better understanding. If you need a smaller/bigger wire you can change it on the top option panel with BREITE and here drop down menu.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0006-png

    Place the courser on the point you want to start in this case a pin of the pic and start to draw with left click on the mouse to the point where it should be and again with left click connect the both with each other. With STOP on the top option panel you can channel this or any other process.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-image0007-png

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    Jul 2008
    If you have placed all components and drawed all lines don't forget to place the truth hole's for the lines on the bottom site or to connect ground point's with each other. You can do this with the option VIA on the left panel. Choose between Square, Round and Octagon. Is this done we can go a step ahead.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-11-gif

    Sometimes you maybe want to have ground pat's to connect all the ground's from the board with each other without the need to draw a line across the whole board. This we will do with a polygon and the program ULP (User Language Program) outlines. But first let as do the polygon. On the left option panel choose PLOYGON.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-12-gif

    Start to draw where you need the big ground plate.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-13-gif

    Connect both ends with each other to close the polygone.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-14-gif

    On the top option panel choose RUN.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-15-gif

    A window will pop up with a lot of ulp's. In the DATEINAME fild write outline and select it from the drop down menu and klick ÖFFNEN.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-16-gif

    A new window will come up and we need to set a few option's. For device i use HPGL (Hewlett Packard Grafic Language) BREITE means width and i use 1 for 1 millimeter then klick on ok.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-17-gif

    After that your layout will look like that.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-18-gif

    Now you need to connect the truth holes with the ground plate by drawing a line.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-19-gif

    If you want to write some info on the board you can do that with the option NAME on the left option panel.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-20-gif

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    Jul 2008
    Nearly done we just need to set a few options for the printer before we can print our layout. Klick on DATEI and DRUCKER (drucker will be printer).

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-21-gif

    Now select Spiegeln which means mirrow (if it is the top site) and also select SCHWARZ which will be black in english. You can deselect BILDUNTERSCHRIFT (picture signing). And at least klick ok to print your layout.

    How to use E.A.G.L.E Guide-22-gif

    Don't forget that you do not need to mirrow the bottom site if you will need one for your PCB. Also i think this is the majority you will need to draw your board. All other things you can find out with playing arround. If you have any question feel free to post it here and i will try to support and help you.

    Have Fun and Happy Drawing -cfwprpht-

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    Jun 2010
    really nice job, very intresting as i have just found a new love for such things. love to solder now. will be looking into this in more depth.


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    Jan 2009
    OMG i love you (NO HOMO) thanks BTW images on first post is missing

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    Jul 2008
    What you missing ?

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    Jan 2009
    there are meant to be images (i think) on the first post on this topic..

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    Jul 2008
    For me all pics are displayed. Just call me what you miss and i will help.

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    Apr 2005
    Can you try re-attaching images? I'm not seeing any attachments for the first post, which may be the reason why muqset101 can not see them either. Thanks!

    Update: They are now attached to the first post- Thanks cfwprophet!

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