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Thread: How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN Guide

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    How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN Guide

    Okay here is how to unban or prevent yourself from being banned on PSN.

    Tools Needed:

    / Optional genuine PSID.

    This is not for nefarious use, it could also be used for masking your current console ID / PSID even if you aren't banned that way your actual console won't be banned.

    I was going to release this with a 4.21 app that repokes the spoofed id's on restart etc, alongside a Console ID Dumper for memory dumps, but couldn't test information I had and don't have enough time really.


    Firstly downgrade your PS3 to a 3.55 CFW if not already on 3.55.

    Install PSIDPatch to your ps3 ensuring you place your GENUINE console ID in a file named "consoleid.txt" in the root of your USB.

    Example of consoleid.txt:
    The first 16 bytes are your IDPS + Console ID, the rest are Nullbytes (0's). (If your also spoofing genuine PSID then put a file named "psid.txt" on the root of your USB containing the GENUINE psid.

    Launch PSIDpatch on the PS3 with the USB plugged in, press L1 or R1, Depending on what your spoofing. If you used a genuine console ID (L1 to patch inside psid) you will be able to connect to PSN, if you get error "0x8002a224" the console ID is not genuine.

    I'd recommend making a new PSN account with spoofed console ID. You will have to use SEN Enabler to get on PSN on 3.55, and will also have to run PSIDPatch each time you turn your PS3 on.

    P.S : Stoker25 included his source in the 1.6v release of PSIDPatch, so if anyone wants to update it the offset that needs to be patched in (rebug) 4.21 is:

    //00064b00 (16 Byte) (LV1)

    P.P.S : The PSID does NOT need patching but in my opinion a ban will occur after so long if it doesn't match up with the console ID.

    P.P.P.S : I will make a 4.21 / 4.30 version if people send me there LV1 and LV2 or NORBIN Dumps (These can be obtained by running rebug toolbox on any CFW (3.55+) going to the furthest right column (utilities) and doing both "Export Hypervisor LV1 Memory" and "Export GameOS LV2 memory" then sending me them via PM if possible.


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    racer0018 Guest
    Just dont get all the ids from the same place. Thanks

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    0x00 Guest
    I'm not sure I follow? Where are users meant to get ID's from other than consoles they own, one would have to be rather simple to give out there console ID to anyone other than a dev, sorry if I've misinterpreted what you meant mate.


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    sobreira Guest

    Question unban ps3

    where i can found a GENUINE console ID ?

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    0x00 Guest
    A friends console with permission or an OFW console if you have one? or another unbanned cfw console?


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    sobreira Guest
    i have none of then. This is the only way?

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    0x00 Guest
    Make em up and hope you get lucky


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    racer0018 Guest
    There are a lot of places to get them. Maybe an old ps3 at home with a bad Blu-ray or you can hookup a progskeet to one that is broken and still have a backup of it. Or some other way. Thanks

    Also if you are getting online to cheat please don't. This is giving Cfw users a bad name. Thanks

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    thelaggykid Guest

    Thumbs Up Console Unbanning Method!

    Hey Guys. Here's Something Good I Did Today: Dumped By 4.30 OFW's Consoleid.

    Tutorial On How To Unban Your 3.55:

    1. Get PSID Patch from here:

    2. Install On Your PS3.

    3. Open NotePad And Put This In (this is the consoleid):
    000000010084000c10112152a6eb6210000000000000000000  00000000000000
    4. Save It As consoleid.txt

    5. Put It On The Root Of Your USB Stick.

    6. Plug In Your USB To The Right Slot Of Your PS3. {dev_usb0}

    7. Start PSIDPatch

    8. Press L1, X Then Triangle.

    9. Sign In.


    Video Proof:


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    B4rtj4h Guest
    But remember: ONLY 1 console ID can be online at a time.

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