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Thread: How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN Guide

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    Azrial Guest
    My hacked console is banned now, so I just use my legit one for online play.

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    I have an old console when i turn it on the screen flashes rainbow colors, is there any way to get the id off of it?

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    bestdark Guest
    Somebody know where can i get valid idps? Or how can i check generated idps for validity fast? I thinking of making some soft that generating random idps and trying to register with it. It will take a lot of time but it might work.

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    airkang Guest
    thank you very much, that is what i need

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    max2008 Guest

    Tutorial: Offline installation of Updates (with Pictures)

    Below is a Tutorial: Offline installation of Updates (with Pictures) by DarkKitarist, as follows:

    Hi guys,

    This tutorial is intended for those who DO NOT want to connect their PS3 to the internet at all. This is for those who are paranoid and shield their PS3 from the internet like it is made of acid or something.

    For the actual tutorial download the PDF file. The programs needed for this tutorial all have links in the tutorial file and in this post.

    Since updates work even if you are not signed into PSN(or are banned) this tutorial is not FOR YOU

    Here are the links to the tutorial and the tools:


    IDC Link:

    ILO Link:


    You can Alternatively use PSN stuff for updates and DLC stuff:

    PSN Stuff:

    This tutorial may be used for PSN games and DLCs. But most PSN games will be in "demo mode" or not work at all (tried on about 30 games). I have not tested this on DLCs so if anyone is willing to try.

    Disclaimer: I don't own the programs, I'm just the author of the tutorial nothing more!

    PS. Any mistakes and suggestions are welcome

    thank you man.

    best wishes

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    msteffes Guest
    I cant wait to try this on my ps3. i have 4 ps3 that i play online with and one got banned

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i'm on arch cfw 4.55 is there a guide to unban for this firmware? thanks in advance

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    akariz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 0x00 View Post
    Make em up and hope you get lucky

    how do i do that ?

    is there some sort of application that can test them?

    what number do i need to change to see if they work?

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    volks83 Guest
    thank you for this. I looked tutorial and i'm glad to find here.


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    Kenny5050 Guest
    Can't wait to try this out!

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