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Thread: How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN Guide

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    kalaner Guest
    Please make a tutorial or a step by step tutorial please.


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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Its not work another error code showing (8002a224)

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    kalaner Guest
    Is this the LVL Keys for 4.30, if so please fix it too:

    Is there anyone who got it work?, if so in which CFW?

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    Brenza Guest
    LOL, that ID'll get banned very soon!

    If we won't find some way to get our hands on the algorithm sony uses to authenticate the ids we have no hope

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    some utter Guest
    It seems to me you have the talent to make a version that works on all firmwares, but you wish to earn from it instead of helping individuals with unbanning later firmwares or supplying them with console ids for 3.55 firmwares.

    The thing is in my opinion, you would be much better off producing something that works on later consoles and accepting support for your efforts and perhaps supplying console ids instead. Wouldn't that make more sense ?

    There are loads of people who need it, I would definitely be interested in having my console unbanned on Rebug 4.21 or later, but i don't want to run an app every time i sign in to spoof its too fiddly.

    I'm not downgrading to 3.55. Whats the point of having 3.55 anymore ? The later firmwares are miles ahead.

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    BluRay Guest
    some utter, explain why later firmwares are miles ahead? Just because people are too lazy to install game fixes? Keep in mind, if you don't have a flasher, you'll need one when your PS3 RSOD because that can't get fixed on 3.55+. Not everything works on 3.55+, you can't fix RSOD, you can't get to FSM, maybe this is one of those things.

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    lanlrx Guest
    In my opinion its better to have 2 consoles 1 for jailbreak and 1 for online so no risk from banning to psn

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    jedaking Guest
    i have this rlod ps3 where i got a nordump.bin, how do i contain this GENUINE console ID from from the dump??? so i can install it on my banned console, i want to update this on to OFW!

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    modz4fun420 Guest
    not bad

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    sirlet Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lanlrx View Post
    In my opinion its better to have 2 consoles 1 for jailbreak and 1 for online so no risk from banning to psn
    I have to agree. In fact, I like having a PS3 in every room, one for my jailbreak and the other two online sharing my id. I know not everyone can have multiple ps3's but it's not really about the cost is it? Just about all of us could pick up a bricked unit on the cheap and turn it around ourselves. Or at least know someone who can. That and various methods of discounting them at retail, it's not out of the question.

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