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Thread: How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

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    starcube Guest

    Post How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

    Here is a guide I wrote on how to convert your Demo / Kiosk PS3 into a fully functional Retail PlayStation 3 console via JailBreak using PSGrade (or similar) so that so you no longer need to enter PS3 Demo Unlock Codes in.

    Also, those interested may wish to read this guide on How to Turn a Kiosk into Retail PS3 Without Downgrade via Acid CFW or Convert PS3 Demo / Kiosk to Retail - No Downgrades or Reinstalls.

    How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

    Requirements: You will need the typical DGF (downgrade files) and a USB board with PSGrade loaded, as well as a standard USB stick.

    First, we need to be able to use the jig and to do so, we need the kiosk to not auto start when switch is flipped. You can use the public PSGrade (the only version out there, there is no special kiosk version)

    First do the following:
    • Have a disc in the drive
    • Turn off the power switch
    • Turn it back on until you see the Blu-Ray light flash one or two times
    • Turn it off at the power switch (in the back)
    • Turn it on again at the power switch (in the back)

    Now, when you turn the power switch on, the PS3 will still be in standby mode, so we can act as if we are going to jailbreak the unit. Instead of a PSGroove hex, we're going to use our dongle with the PSGrade hex. Go about the normal procedure for jailbreaking, by pressing eject and power. The console will panic and shut down the first time. When you turn it back on your controller should desync and the resolution will be super low.

    The vsh (XMB) for kiosk does not have the red box. However, if you see the console is in low res and controller is not syncing until plugged in, then the unit is in factory mode. Now unplug the JIG and power down the console normally.

    Format a thumb drive to fat32 and make sure only lv2diag.self from the lv2diag 1 folder and ps3updat.pup are in the root of the thumb drive. Plug thumb drive into the usb port that is all the way to the right (if the console was laying down horizontally). Now, just push the power button to turn on your PS3.

    You are going to see a black screen and your memory card light is gonna flicker for roughly 10 minutes until the process is done. The console will shut down on its own when it finishes, so don't mess with it until it's done.

    When the console finishes doing its thing, turn it back on and it will be in red box (service) mode. Now, unplug the thumb drive and delete the 2 files you put in there. Then, put the lv2diag.self from lv2diag 2 folder and then plug it back into the same USB port, that it was in before. Once its plugged in, reboot the console. It will now finalize the install and turn it into a full blown retail. enjoy

    [imglink=|How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak][/imglink]
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    I moved your post to it's own thread in this section.. and +Rep starcube!

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    hackerxide Guest
    Its a great tut, thank you ps3 news, +rep for Starcube.

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    CJPC Guest
    Very nice guide - about time a way to convert the units was released to the public! +Rep!

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    starcube Guest
    thanks guys any questions just ask maybe someone can take pics while they do it since i was too anxious to do this?

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    staggvocals Guest
    I'm a bit of a newb to the PS3 scene but I'm very tech savvy and catch on quickly.

    My question is... what's a jig?

    I've got a Demo unit and am desperately wanting to make it retail. Do I have to buy any special equipment? And where can I find the latest version of PSGrade?

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    Jes03 Guest
    This is great starcube. +REP.

    Gonna get a demo console over the next few days and give it a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staggvocals View Post
    My question is... what's a jig?
    That is a good question to ask in THIS thread so it can be added to the FAQ there.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news and good tutorial, it's possible to turn retail into debug or test units using this same method? After downgrading to modified 3.41, I mean.

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    THCIV Guest
    It still does not unlock everything, however I believe that only the cecha series can do it. due to the others whom attempted not being able to downgrade past debug 2.15 I think it's due to them trying to install firmware that came out before there ps3 did therfore failing.

    I also believe that firmware 1.0 or 1.5 must be installed first then reupgraded due to much smaller firmware that might have less restrictions.

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