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Thread: How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

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    ajsd34 Guest
    I seem to be having a very difficult time putting this PS3 into factory mode. Could some one please give me a little help?

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    xplatboy Guest
    What problem you having getting into service mode?

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    ajsd34 Guest
    When I turn the power off in the back with a Game in the drive I turn it on and then off again when I see the Blu-Ray light flash twice. Then When I turn the switch on in the back the PS3 front light is red and does not auto start.

    Then I put my Teensy ++2 with PSGrade Hex in the Far Left USB port and then push the power button. The PS3 turns on for about 5 seconds and then turns off.

    After it turns off I remove the Teensy ++2 from the USB port and power on the PS3 from the front power button. From there nothing is different. Everything is the same.

    Figured it Out and I was able to get it a Retail PS3. However I have the same issue as a lot of people were I get error code 80029962 when trying to play Blu-Ray. If anyone has a fix on it please point me in the right direction.

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    xplatboy Guest
    Glad ya got it figured out and are not at retail.

    As for BD playback as far as I am aware there is still no proper fix as such, it is being worked on still.

    What you can try is FTP'ing the contents of DEV FLASH 3 folder from another system. This is however only a temporary fix, and it is thought that even though BD playback works again after doing this if you attempt to play a newer BD movie it will not work, though that in itself is yet to be confirmed I believe.

    I used blackbox ftp to copy a number of dev flash 3 over to my ntsc/u machine and finally got lucky with an ntsc/j. If you do try this I would strongly suggest you make a backup of your own dv flash 3 files first, or if not comfortable sit tight and wait for a proper fix once more is known.

    Cheers n merry xmas!

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    ajsd34 Guest
    Thanks for all of your help.

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    Haksam Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ajsd34 View Post
    Thanks for all of your help.
    hi there, did you convert to 3.41 retail from 3.50 demo firmware?

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    ajsd34 Guest
    My system was 3.21 demo. I upgraded to 3.41 demo and then to 3.50 demo. From there I was able to JB and downgraded to the Modified 3.41. Then I JB again and went to 3.15 retail then did normal upgrades to 3.41 retail and now am at 3.50 retail.

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    Haksam Guest
    hmm i wish i could guide you through more thoroughly before you jumped onto the conversion part so hastily. it seems from all the reports blu ray playback only affects 3.50 -> 3.41, whether retail to retail or demo to retail (i guess based on your experience).

    for all other people converting, you do not need to be on 3.50 demo to convert to retail. 3.41 demo to 3.41 retail works exactly the same, as well as for any other versions below that.

    after a successful conversion (not downgrading), i think from there upgrading to retail 3.50 should not cause any bd playback issues. have you tried dev_flash3 fix ? or did upgrading to 3.50 again fix the issues?

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    ajsd34 Guest
    I have not tried the Dev_flash3 fix yet. Not sure where to find it or do it. I tried upgrading to 3.50 and it did not help. I also tried to downgrade to 3.21 then up to 3.41 then to 3.50 as another poster suggested and it did not work. I just tried to do the hddo file replacements that was also suggested and that did not work either.

    Open for more suggestions.

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    pelonicus Guest
    Very nice guide - Thanks.

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