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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tailedfox View Post
    I wanted it in there just in case my buyer wanted it. Turns out he didn't. I followed the guide on page 1 so now they are both on 3.41 (modified?). He has the one I sold him, but I have mine. I didn't test blu-ray because I don't have any movies, but the netflix disc seems to work. now I just need to resolder on the optical audio jack on mine. I only paid $100 each for them
    i got mine for less than 100 a long time ago, but that was a lot of haggling and at that time, no one knew what to do with them (if you catch my drift )

    but good job! lol

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    Big Grin

    I followed the guide and it worked perfectly. Finally my PS3 looks like a real PS3. Now to figure out some of the other fun stuff I can do by jail breaking.

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    When you say "USB board with PSGrade loaded", what exactly do you mean? and how do I go about getting one?

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    You would need to get one of the compatible boards and then, following the included instructions, simply load the PSGrade hexcode on it that is linked in the first post.

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    Hi, I know the guide by Haksam states that it will only work for 3.41 and lower but I've been getting mixed reports that it will work for 3.50 demo? I have a 3.51 demo unit that I wish to downgrade, any help would be appreciated. BTW is the psgrade jig for all version and not specific to 3.41? Thanks.

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    Got a demo\kiosk PS3 from a secondhand shop but it's on FW 3.55. Anyone had tried to downgrade already?

    I have a Amazebreak and a PS3 USB jailbreak dongle and I know it can downgrade from 3.55 but I' am not sure it works with kiosk firmware.

    I got a kiosk 3.41 FW file on my PC so maybe I can use that first and then use the method to make it retail?

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    can i do it with a 3.50 demo version?

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    can this also be done with 3.56 firmware demo's ??

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    Only those that can be JailBroken, so 3.55 and below at this time.

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